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Epoxy compatibility with perchlorate/nitrate?

Lambda-Eyde - 8-5-2021 at 04:39

Hello SM! Long time no see, I'm thrilled to see this forum is still going strong. :)

I've become involved in a project where I need to cast a mix of sparkler powder into epoxy. The packaging says it contains KClO4, BaNO3, CuO and sulfonic acid. A kanthal wire will also be involved. I don't have any specific info about the epoxy (yet); just assume the normal glue you find at a hardware store. Surely they're not that chemically different?

I am however at a loss at trying to find out anything about the chemical compatibilities between these and I would rather not be in for an energetic surprise. Googling is of little help, since it usually points to results regarding already cured epoxy. I'm planning on mixing it with the base and then adding the hardener (or the other way around if that makes more sense).

Any pointers would be much appreciated.

Industrial Adhesive - 8-5-2021 at 20:33

from what i know nitrates and perchlorates and epoxy like resins are used in rocketry all the time. i am not sure about what you will be using this for, can you give some context. but strong oxidizers and fuels?reducing agents shouldent be stored together. except for in some cases. my guess is that you should be fine because epoxys are common propellant binders. the big problem comes in if the epoxy is amine cured and if your using NH4ClO4

examples of perchlorate and epoxy mixtures:

(take this one with a grain pf salt due to the k3wlish nature of the website it was posted on)

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