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anti corrosion grease?

Antiswat - 15-5-2021 at 20:55

hey so im trying to figure out a way to make some tar like substance that can be put onto metal and preferably tolerate high temperature that will yield maybe same corrosion protection as engine oil does, which is basically oil with sulfur in it
the application will be vehicles
is there maybe a way one could turn engine oil super viscious, that can also tolerate high heat? this would make sense for like exhaust

as for making sulfur oil, i made it by simply just boiling oil with sulfur, as a bonus when it cooled down again there was some beautiful flakey crystals of sulfur

i was thinking maybe a substance that would decompose into a very viscous end product, but then it would have to be non acidic after decomposing

Hey Buddy - 21-5-2021 at 09:33

For high temperature corrosion resistance i think of boron compounds. They have lubricity, high temp resistance, electrically insulating and thermally conductive. Boron is little understood in applications and borides and carbides have new uses and properties discovered every year.

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