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Building a Lab Sink.

Triflic Acid - 15-8-2021 at 16:53

Lacking any source of running water is a challenge for my garage lab. I could always get water from the garden hose outside the garage, but I run into the problem of a drain for the water. Having a 5 gallon bucket to dump into the toilet every few days is really becoming a nuisance. So, does anyone here have any ideas/personal experience on how to deal with sink problems?

Texium - 15-8-2021 at 17:25

If you already have accessible plumbing in your garage (for example, if your hot water heater is located in there) then running water to the sink will be fairly easy. The drain is another story. If you make absolutely sure that all heavy metals and other nasties are contained in separate waste (really, you should be doing that regardless), it may be possible depending on local regulations to have the “grey water” from the sink drain into your yard or garden. It’s eco friendly too, since it allows your waste water to double as irrigation. Otherwise, you’ll have to get it plumbed into the sewer line, which would range from moderately to extremely challenging and expensive depending on the layout of your garage. It may also put extra constraints on where you’re able to have the sink.

Triflic Acid - 15-8-2021 at 20:32

I'm pretty good about getting rid of the stuff before dumping, but its a real pain when I'm working with something that I don't think that the garden will enjoy, like the waste from a chlorine generator. Not toxic enough to warrant its own storage bottle, but not benign enough that it won't kill all of the grass.

Tsjerk - 16-8-2021 at 12:59

Whatever you do, get something made out of stainless steel. You will hate yourself for not doing so when you lose another stirr bar or when you are fishing for it somewhere you don't want to fish.

Triflic Acid - 17-8-2021 at 13:03

So, I've been thinking of routing the waste into a French drain type thing that already right outside the garage. I think it leads to the storm drains. So, for stuff like HCl or TCCA, it should be fine, since those already are used in pools that just get dumped into the ocean. Any opinions about that?

Texium - 17-8-2021 at 20:03

Check your local codes- that may be a violation. They’re usually very picky about what can go into storm drains.

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Triflic Acid - 17-8-2021 at 20:29

No one needs to know:P

macckone - 18-8-2021 at 13:23

one trick with a lab sink is to get a pump and run the pump output into overhead spaces where you can go down a wall and tie into a drain pipe.

If you have a two story there may be pipes in between floors that can be tied into as well.

Much better than having to drill through concrete and tie into an underground line.

Triflic Acid - 20-8-2021 at 09:55

Garage has nothing above it :(