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Liquid Mercury for Sale 99.9995% Pure

ChemGlass - 20-9-2021 at 15:31

Hi everyone. I previously posted chemicals for sale in July and most have sold. There are only a few of those chemicals left and that original post can be found still. I now have incredibly pure quadruple distilled mercury metal for sale. I will be shipping to anywhere in the US except Alaska and Hawaii. Shipping will be a flat fee of $10 for all orders. I have included the price breakdown below that also shows how drastic the price per gram decreases when you get more than 50 grams. I have never seen a pound of trace metals basis mercury sell below $130/lb anywhere before. A CoA can be provided if proof of purity is needed.

Send me an email at or send me a private message on here if anyone is interested. All orders will be shipped in a new HDPE reagent bottle and packaged very carefully. You can check out some of my order reviews from fellow members on my previous chemical sales posting here ( :)

1 g = $8 ($8.00/g)
5 g = $12 ($2.40/g)
10 g = $15 ($1.50/g)
25 g = $20 ($0.80/g)
50 g = $24 ($0.48/g)
100 g = $35 ($0.35/g)
250 g = $70 ($0.28/g)
455 g (1 lb) = $120 ($0.26/g)
1000 g = $220 ($0.22/g)
2500 g = $500 ($0.20/g)

EDIT: Apologies for throwing that extra nine in there. Title has been corrected to 99.9995%.

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Triflic Acid - 20-9-2021 at 21:05

Where did you get 6 nines mercury? I'm dubious about that purity claim.

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Fery - 20-9-2021 at 22:18

I've bought polarographic mercury in my country and its purity is 99,999%. I'm also curious where is used mercury with purity 99.99995%. I have found electronic grade mercury 99,9999% in sigma aldrich catalogue

Triflic Acid - 21-9-2021 at 04:58

I meant, did he make it himself, is it surplus, is he reselling from Sigma at a lower price to do a good deed?

ChemGlass - 21-9-2021 at 05:15

Hey Triflic,

Thank you for throwing that out there. I didn't realize that I added that extra nine. It's 99.9995% pure and from a very reputable American based company who only sell in bulk to businesses and organizations. I've spent the last few years trying to develop a chemical distribution company that will soon be public online but I'm just waiting on finishing some more paperwork and securing accounts before advertising the company publicly. I focus a lot on mercury sales for now and buy about 50-100 lbs of mercury at a time so I can sell it cheaper than almost any advertised prices. As far as I know, the only place in America where someone can buy cheap and pure mercury is from United Nuclear, where they sell just under a pound for $130. Both United Nuclear and I sell the exact grade of quadruple distilled 99.9995% mercury. Seems like we both have the same bulk supplier.

Your dubiousness is greatly appreciated! Thankfully I'm still able to edit the title. I've also edited the prices so that we beat United Nuclear prices on mercury! I'm not aware of anywhere else that sells around these prices for this purity. If anyone knows of better prices than please let me know :)

ChemGlass - 21-9-2021 at 05:21

I should have about a dozen new bulk chemicals in stock that I can begin selling within the next couple weeks. I'm mainly focusing on hard to get chemicals in America because I'm tired of giant chemical companies making our hobby so difficult to enjoy.

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Jenks - 4-10-2021 at 14:57

This mercury is extremely well packaged, like ChemGlass' other stuff.

ChemGlass - 5-10-2021 at 10:29

Hey Jenks,

Thank you so much for the feedback!

I'm really happy to be able to supply high purity mercury. About 24 pounds so far have sold and there seems to be a lot of interest in people getting their hands on some for synthesis. There's even been a large amount of interest from people who want some for their element collection! I had no idea that element collections were as popular as they are.

I wanted to thank everybody for all their trust and support since my initial listings. Much more to come soon! :)