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What does your periodic table look like? (collection)

Xanax - 27-9-2021 at 04:03

Finaly, my periodic table callection is almost comlepte! But I have som questions...

Should I buy the gases?
It's not fun to buy "empty" ampoulles with the gases, like this; and then chlorine and fluorine on that. It's expensive and invisible! Yes I know, I should buy them for the best collection... How do you do to repressent your gases? Do you have them? How can I trust that it's the real gases, with electrical discharge?

Then, of course, over number 92, U, its impossible (except the 0,26 µg Am from a smokedetector). But I would have a little piece of Th and U, I dont think its impossible...

And, I think I put som uranium-ore in the jars for repressent Po, At, Rn, Fr, Ra*, Ac and Pa. Or howe do you think about that? There is at least some atoms of it in the ore...
*Well, I had Ra in clockfinger, but it wasn't legal and I was convicted. But to small pieces of U and Th doesn't reach up to 100 kBq.

Well, that was what the witness from the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority said in the court was legal to own, and have in your home...!? But I think he just invented it...

And at least, what should I have to repressent Tc and Pm? I have worked with Tc, I practiced at the hospital in the nuclear physics department, but I can't go in there anymore... The know now that I stoled things from the department! But it's 24 years ago I was there...

And I already have two gases, and the air is mostly nitrogen...

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j_sum1 - 27-9-2021 at 04:14

I think gas discharge tubes are probably best for most of the gases.
Liquid Cl2 is possible. Or dissolved in something like CCl4. IIRC, woelen has samples like that.
I have a piece of antozonite for fluorine.
I have resolved to be content with representations for the radioactives. I don't think there are many options there. A medical label of something related to Tc would be great, but J have no idea how I might obtain something like that.

pantone159 - 27-9-2021 at 06:07

For the gases, I have both a small sealed bottle (which fits physically with my set, though I don't trust them too much), and gas discharge tubes (very small amount, but I can trust these!). I have some liquid Cl2 (in a vial encased in resin), and would like some liquid Xe some day (very expensive). I also have a piece of antozonite for F2.

For the radioactives, a piece of natural U ore covers a lot of them, and for At/Tc/Fr I do not know of any other way to get any atoms. With your smoke detector source of Am-241, do not forget that each alpha decay gives you a new atom of Np-237, most of which you will keep forever. I have also sourced a piece of trinitite for Pu, and anti-static brushes for Po. In the past, camping lantern mantles used some Th, I have some of these old mantles, and decays also create some Pa.

Plunkett - 27-9-2021 at 06:59

I have neon indicator lamps for neon. There are pea sized discharge lamps that can be had for a few dollars and larger neon indicator lamps like the GE NE34 if you want a larger sample. The lamps are powered by 120/220V AC. For xenon I have a flash tube that is meant for a camera.

Small Ne Indicator Lamps:
GE NE34 -
Xenon Flash Tube -

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Bedlasky - 27-9-2021 at 08:38

If you are rich, you can buy Tc sample from Oxymet for 415 €.

It is gold foil covered with layer of 99-Tc.

fusso - 27-9-2021 at 10:26

Quote: Originally posted by Bedlasky  
If you are rich, you can buy Tc sample from Oxymet for 415 €.

It is gold foil covered with layer of 99-Tc.
GOLD as substrate?! Why not something cheaper like copper?!

Bedlasky - 27-9-2021 at 10:51

I don't know, I am not the seller. I was also wondering.

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Tsjerk - 27-9-2021 at 13:22

Gold foil is cheap, it is really not much. I don't know how they put the Tc on, but I guess gold foil is cheaper than anything else.

The foil is so cheap they put it in gold strike liquor as a decorative, there are milligrams in a bottle.

Bedlasky - 27-9-2021 at 14:11

Probably by electrolysis of pertechnate solution, I read something about that few days ago.

woelen - 27-9-2021 at 23:36

Gaseous chlorine samples are interesting. You can clearly see the pale green color of the gas. I indeed have samples of Cl2, dissolved in CCl4 until saturation, which I made myself. Of the noble gases, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and deuterium I have glass ampoules with the low pressure gas, which can be excited with a high frequency high voltage source.

I leave out strongly radioactive elements, indicating that they do not occur naturally on earth, except maybe in trace amounts in a transient state, as decomposition products of uranium and thorium. I have an old sample of oxidized thorium metal in a glass ampoule, and unfortunately I still do not have an uranium metal sample. That is the last element which I have to add to my collection.

nezza - 28-9-2021 at 11:59

I've got small samples of every element up to Bismuth (83) except the two unstable ones. Tc and Pm. I haven't bothered with any radioactives and the fluorine is as a sample of fluorite. Most were bought, but some (Bromine, Iodine and Chlorine were prepared myself). I am happy that I got a decent sample of Palladium (1.2g) before the price skyrocketed and some decent samples of the Lanthanides. I have them all presented in a Periodic table display on the wall. I'll post some snaps later.

nezza - 28-9-2021 at 13:10

Here's a few snaps of my Periodic Table.

01 Panorama.jpg - 459kB Left side.jpg - 498kB Middle.jpg - 363kB Right hand side.jpg - 571kB

Xanax - 8-2-2022 at 01:14


Now I wondering where i can found a shelf with about 180 compartments in? No I have my collection in a styrofoam plate...

Peridic Table, small.jpg - 2.3MB

Xanax - 4-4-2022 at 07:20

My homemade shelter and my elements...
I bought the gases finaly.

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Periodic Table 4000.jpg - 2.5MB

j_sum1 - 4-4-2022 at 18:25

THat's pretty nice, Xanax. Good effort.
What's the stain by the tellurium?

Xanax - 13-4-2022 at 04:27

Quote: Originally posted by j_sum1  
THat's pretty nice, Xanax. Good effort.
What's the stain by the tellurium?

First I hade the iodine in an ampoule which was placed where the tellurium is now. Even it was a sealed ampoule, the fumes passed thru. Maybe white was a bad choise for the shelf, because then I just took a smaller sample of iodine in a platsic jar, so it becomes even more fumes...

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Jod.jpg - 1MB

Texium - 13-4-2022 at 05:35

The ampoule must have not been fully sealed. I have some iodine that’s been ampouled for years with no leakage whatsoever. You could probably wash the shelf with some bisulfite solution (or if that doesn’t work, just repaint it) and put a new, better ampoule in its place.

SuperOxide - 22-1-2023 at 13:46

The largest periodic table I have right now is on the cover of my element collection...

more pics here

I hope to get a big one that I can put up in my lab.... whenever I get a house that has a garage that I can turn into a lab, lol.

P.S. If anyone wants specific pictures of any of the elements in my above collection, just let me know.

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CouchHatter - 23-1-2023 at 11:54

can you post a picture of natrium? and neodymium?

I am short on samples, but they will come gradually.

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IMG_20220313_193905_719.jpg - 1.6MB

SuperOxide - 23-1-2023 at 13:22

Quote: Originally posted by CouchHatter  
can you post a picture of natrium? and neodymium?
Sure! Here are some pics

I love the chunks of sodium I have as a sample, because you can actually see the purity with the crystalline structure. Absolutely gorgeous.
Then I couldn't resist the chance to show off my other Alkali metals :-D

Quote: Originally posted by CouchHatter  
I am short on samples, but they will come gradually.

Even though you don't have many samples yet, I'm envious of your display and setup. It's gorgeous! You obviously understand that presentation is important :-) I look forward to seeing your collection grow in size in the future.

MidLifeChemist - 14-3-2023 at 18:46

CouchHatter - hopefully carbon, iron and lead come quickly for you :)

Xanax - that's a nice chunk of rhenium you have there, that stuff is around $5/gram!

SuperOxide - 13-5-2023 at 18:50

I got a new new elemental silver "samples". Posting them here on the off-chance someone else might find them as neat as I do.