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Selling acids and other chemicals from my collection (US to US)

enlight - 26-10-2021 at 15:36


I am an amateur chemist looking to send part of my collection to good homes. Most of these are still in their original containers, unopened and unused. I will let you know otherwise.

Please see the screenshot below for a list of chemicals and their respective amounts, grades, and prices.

The prices shown above do not include shipping. I prefer to ship via the USPS (Priority Mail if possible). I am looking to get rid of these quickly, so most prices are negotiable.

I know it sells out quickly, so I'm setting a limit on NaBH4 to give people a better chance of getting in on this order (it also gives me more opportunities to bundle items together). ;)

I can accept payment via PayPal or crypto (XMR is preferred due to the low transaction fees).

There is no minimum order quantity, just be aware that shipping charges will be applied later. If you have a preferred shipping method, let me know.

chemship1978 - 26-10-2021 at 16:05

These are very good prices :)

Amos - 26-10-2021 at 16:11

The prices on the whole are pretty good, but I can't see you selling sulfuric or phosphoric acids for those prices; they can be purchased for a small fraction of those costs from Duda Diesel or other online retailers.

timescale - 26-10-2021 at 19:04

What's your general location in the US, if you don't mind sharing?

enlight - 26-10-2021 at 20:24

Chicago Area, NW Suburbs.

The prices on the acids are negotiable. That is close to what I paid for them and they are unopened. I know acids are easy to come by.

arkoma - 27-10-2021 at 10:11


enlight - 6-11-2021 at 06:31

The nitromethane and the sodium are gone! Everything up is still up for grabs.


squeezix - 14-11-2021 at 17:39

The element I bought was packed well, communication and promptness were perfect 10/10

enlight - 15-11-2021 at 16:26

@squeezix thank you for the review.

The following reagents have been sold:

- Nitromethane

- Sodium

- Lithium

arkoma - 16-11-2021 at 08:37

OK, if any of y'all been hesitating wondering if enlight is truly legit, wait no longer. Got my nitroalkane today, and it was packed like Fort Knox, and PROPERLY mailed. Like the "don't put on a plane" sticker attached to the parcel.

Thanks enlight!

*edit* mmmm, smells just like cancer, meaning delicious

*edit* heck, the bottle by itself empty wouldna been cheap

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enlight - 16-11-2021 at 21:01

Thank you for the review :) shipping flammable liquids is no joke, especially when packed in glass bottles. The associate at the post office was kind enough to affix those stickers.

As a sidenote to future buyers, all hazardous substances will be shipped via surface mail per US postal regulations.

Aside from that, I have been traveling for work for the past few weeks, but packages will go out Saturday at the latest.

sauveurdumonde - 17-11-2021 at 07:09

I've sent a U2U... I'm not sure if you get any notifications for it, I've never used it before

enlight - 17-11-2021 at 18:49

Notifications pop up when I log in. I have been trying to login once a day (work schedule), so do not worry, I am not ignoring anybody if I do not respond immediately.

Another sidenote for all buyers: If you are ready to buy and you are not using crypto as payment, please provide me with your email address. It will make things much faster.

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arkoma - 30-11-2021 at 11:57

I'm not in the US at the moment, but I got a call from the folks getting my mail that I received my Li today. Folks, remember that the USPS is not running real fast at the moment if your waiting.