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Nanshin glasswares disappearance from ebay

Yttrium2 - 3-11-2021 at 05:55

I've noticed that Nanshin glassware has vanished from ebay. Along with a few other sellers, (interlabglassware)

I'm thinking it is because of the covid.

Nanshin glassware has an organic chemistry kit on amazon, but it is a slight difference in price than eBay.

Have any of you noticed disappearances of glassware on ebay? Also, there was a large time period where the sellers were away. ( I'm guessing here again that it is because of the covid)

Can anyone chime in on this issue?

Also, do you expect to see new sellers popping up on ebay for Distillation Apparatus and organic chemistry kit's? I can't wait to see how competitively priced they are. and if they include a box mold.
Also, I'd fancy it if the prices for the darned stands went down--

I like looking at the kits, the prices, etc....

Thinking I've realized that I don't have a place to do the chemistry though, and maybe also the will. However, I would like to learn a few things. ( Refining H3PO3 from foliar solutions) - but I'm thinking that that will come with time and education, and hitting of the books, and not so much lab practice, -- I have had a lot of lab practice for my education level.

I'm not really sure what else would be fun to do with a Chemistry lab,
yet, but, as I progress academically, I'm guessing there will be brighter ventures unfolding.

Fery - 3-11-2021 at 06:58

He seems to be still there:
I've bought a lot from him, totally something around 1000 EUR.

Yttrium2 - 3-11-2021 at 08:58

a lot of his stuff has been unlisted from ebay though

pneumatician - 22-11-2021 at 06:21

A lot of chinese commercial names are owned by the same guy-company.

macckone - 22-11-2021 at 09:26

nanshin is selling on amazon now.

Individual sellers for the various operations have their own user names on ebay.
You don't have much of that on amazon.

Sulaiman - 22-11-2021 at 09:59

I also noticed suddenly less glassware suppliers and varieties,
now there is more choice but prices have increased significantly

Quote: Originally posted by Yttrium2  
Also, I'd fancy it if the prices for the darned stands went down--
I bought stands but if you can, I suggest a diy lattice/frame,
(ideally in a large fume cupboard)
much cheaper and safer IF you have enough space.
(I intend to make one asap) (aka eventually/hopefully)

A cheap lot of boss clamps can sometimes be found on eBay etc.
(I have a box of 12 waiting for a lattice)

Clamps are costly but only a few are required initially
(not easy to diy for me)

Stands with boss heads and clamps were an expensive after thought for me
(more costly than the distillation glassware kit that I considered an 'investment')

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