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The 2021 Christmas greeting thread

j_sum1 - 23-12-2021 at 16:07

(in misc, not whimsy so all can see)

Merry Christmas everyone.
It has been a tough year for me - and I thought 2020 had enough challenges. My involvement here and my time to experiment has been a lot less than I would have liked. But it has been great to read everyone's projects. And I again feel like I am making genuine friends here, which is weird for a message board.

So, in that spirit, here's wishing you a wonderful, blessed, Christmas. May you have a relaxing holiday break and enjoyable moments with family and friends. Here is to a prosperous and productive year ahead. And may you get to soend time tinkering in your your lab.


MadHatter - 23-12-2021 at 17:26

Merry Christmas to all members of the board from
the frozen arctic of the east coast known as Maine.

Ubya - 23-12-2021 at 18:30


And may you get to spend time tinkering in your your lab.

Something i'm really looking forward to it:D

Happy holidays guys!

Bedlasky - 23-12-2021 at 22:39

Merry Christmas to all members of forum!

B(a)P - 24-12-2021 at 01:31

Seasons greetings to everyone! I hope everyone gets a relaxed and well earned break. All the best for a chemistry filled 2022!

barbs09 - 24-12-2021 at 01:44

Merry Christmas from southern New Zealand

j_sum1 - 24-12-2021 at 02:04

Quote: Originally posted by barbs09  
Merry Christmas from southern New Zealand

Woohoo! I did not know you had made your way there.
Where, exactly? Say hi to the home country from me.

karlos³ - 24-12-2021 at 02:19

Hello christmas, best greetings and wishes from me!

I mean, I wish all members a merry christmas of course :)

DraconicAcid - 24-12-2021 at 09:20

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Johnny Cappone - 24-12-2021 at 19:42

Merry Christmas, guys!

We've had a few rough years and the next ones might not be so friendly, but I really wish you all be well.
Eat, drink, have fun. Enjoy the company of family and friends. I hope we can all spend more time in the lab in 2022, buy more glassware, find more OTC reagents, and if I could make one request to Santa Claus, this would be: that my favorite shirts be spared the next time I have to deal with NaOH. It's serious. Really. No matter how careful I am, some tiny grain from that thing will end up falling on my clothes and making a hole in it.  That's it. 

Happy New Year's holidays!

Phosphor-ing - 24-12-2021 at 21:00

Merry Christmas. I can’t wait to have what is effectively my daughters first real Christmas! I am also still waiting with all the patience I can muster for my secret Santa gift. Shipping is terrible this year.

Dr.Bob - 25-12-2021 at 08:46

Merry Christmas to all and to all a wonderful new year, especially in the lab.

Triflic Acid - 25-12-2021 at 16:31

Merry Christmas from the western US deserts!

paulll - 25-12-2021 at 23:16

Merry Christmas all. Hope all your endeavours crystalise out as intended!

Kobold vor NH4 - 26-12-2021 at 03:55

Merry Christmas to all... of... you!

all of you.png - 875kB

May the power of the electron aid you in many synthesis!

teodor - 6-1-2022 at 12:13

For those members who used to celebrate Christmas by the Julian calendar (like me, if any) - Merry Christmas :)

And for everybody - I wish new inspiration to exciting things and experiments these winter days.