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Oxidation of potassium cyante (KOCN) to nitrate?

John paul III - 2-1-2022 at 08:48

Is it possible to oxidize KOCN to KNO3 other than with bacteria? I dont mind if it's uneconomical, as long as it can be done in days or hours

Bedlasky - 2-1-2022 at 19:09

AJKOER - 3-1-2022 at 14:11

In place of TiO2, one can prepare ZnO photocatalyst, see "Improving photocatalytic activity of ZnO nanorods: A comparison between thermal decomposition of zinc acetate under vacuum and in ambient air" at .

Also consider a dye related photocatalyst like riboflavin (B12), see "Vitamin B12-Catalyzed Dicarbofunctionalization of Bromoalkenes Under Visible Light Irradiation" at that works in visible light.

The mechanic here is actually not that hard. The photocatalyst electron hole (h+) at pH 10 resulted in the .OH radical, which can attack NH3 from NH4+ created from the hydrolysis of CNO-:

h+ + OH- -> .OH

2 H2O + CNO- -> NH4+ + CO3(2-)

NH4+ = H+ + NH3

OH- + H+ = H2O

.OH + NH3 -> .NH2 + H2O

.NH2 + O2 -> Products