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Where can I get penicillium molds for making penicillin?

scienceboi - 3-1-2022 at 18:24

I want to make amoxicillin, but need penicillin to start with.

DraconicAcid - 3-1-2022 at 19:28

Let some bread go mouldy, and pick the most penicilliny fuzzy patches?

Twospoons - 3-1-2022 at 21:50

Make sure you get the right one :

macckone - 3-1-2022 at 22:49

Readily available at carolina - not restricted to schools and businesses.

Tsjerk - 3-1-2022 at 22:59

You should really buy a cultivated strain, penicillium is easily isolated, they are the once that turn green on your bread. But the penicillin production in the early days, based on randomly found strains, was terrible to say the least. Many, many fungal selections were done to obtain strains that produce noteworthy levels of penicillin.