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Reagent exchange Any interested parties??

argox120 - 4-1-2022 at 05:07

hello fellas, I wanted to exchange some lialh4 powder for crystals. due to the constant fear of potential explosion danger. is anyone interested, if so please reply to it, I can take pellets too just reply to this with a picture? I am looking to specifically exchange 500 grams worth.

Triflic Acid - 4-1-2022 at 08:39

what do you mean "crystals"?

argox120 - 4-1-2022 at 10:37

like this

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njl - 4-1-2022 at 10:47

I think they mean they want to exchange their powdered LiAlH4 for crystalline LiAlH4

argox120 - 4-1-2022 at 17:07

Yes exactly my friend