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iron catalyzed gas reactions that could melt steel wire

John paul III - 9-1-2022 at 01:01

in many metal catalyzed reactions, such as oxidation of ammonia on a copper wire, the hot wire inserted into the gas containing flask gets so hot it melts. this seems very efficient for melting small amounts of metals. is there such a reaction that would melt carbon steel wire, since steel is the most useful alloy? nickel would also be interesting

metalresearcher - 9-1-2022 at 01:20

If it were that simple, it would be already have been invented. And industry is not interested in very small amounts of steel.
Moreover, NH3 is very hard to burn without catalyst.

John paul III - 9-1-2022 at 05:13

it might have never been published or never even discovered if it's only useful to a hobbyist. copper IS the catalyst in the example

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