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Chemsavers crackdown on residential addresses?

monolithic - 15-1-2022 at 11:24

Has anyone ordered from Chemsavers lately? I was mindlessly browsing their website (don't need any reagent in particular) but I noticed a lot of things are now marked Restriction: Commercial Address Only, even items which I had previously ordered to a residential address. Is this actually enforced?

neptunium - 15-1-2022 at 14:59

I just got some chemicals from them and if you contact Mikhail directly he will (for a small fee) get what you need delivered to them and reship it to you
I have been dealing with Chemsavers for years and they have been nothing but nice and accommodating to me. I think they have to put a disclaimer for liability on the public website to save themselves from legal garbage but like I said, they will work with you.
Chemcrafts is also worth checking out for inorganic chemicals, they are in Russia but they have been very reliable and cheap. Sure, the shipping takes a few weeks and it sucks the customs are involved but for the quality and price I think its worth checking them out

Syn the Sizer - 15-1-2022 at 20:14

I inquired a while back as I was wanting to purchase some stuff from them.

It is their one supplier only ships to commercial addresses, another supplier will ship to residential addresses and they themselves ship their physical stock to residential addresses.

The one that ships to commercial only is also for end user, not to be divided and resold.

They did tell me that some stuff he could get shipped to him and repack but as the shipper that has the alcohols I want is only end user, they could not order from them and repack it for me.

They have great prices on some large jugs of alcohols and I made the mistake of telling him I was dividing it up and repacking it before I found out that the product was end user so I couldn't get it shipped.


neptunium - 16-1-2022 at 05:33

Ha yeah ! Navigating the complicated world of corporate regulations, laws and other stupidity is sometimes very tricky and rarely make sense. Perkin Elmer would not ship 4 ml plastic vials to my house, when I can order and have radioactive source delivered anytime, one of which, FedEx lost by the way!

monolithic - 16-1-2022 at 07:27

Thanks guys. I reached out to Mikhail via email. It seems some "commercial address only" items can still be redirected to residential addresses via Chemsavers, and some cannot.

One of our suppliers back in September decided to no longer allow distributors to receive products, but instead required all orders to ship directly from their facility to the end user. Any items with that restriction are enforced. However, any items listed in all caps are from a different vendor and we can have their products shipped to us and then from us to you.

An example of this might be glacial acetic acid. There are several listings in normal capitalization with commercial address restrictions that apparently cannot be broken, and several listings in ALL CAPS that say "Please note: Products in all caps are shipped from U.S. based manufacturer." which means they can be redirected to residential addresses.

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timescale - 16-1-2022 at 10:44

My theory is that the products that appear in the format "Name, Purity Mass" such as "Lithium hydride, 99% trace metals basis 100g" are from Beantown Chemical. And it seems then that Beantown no longer lets Chemsavers act as a middleman. Quite unfortunate.

I wonder what company the products in all-caps are from.