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Distillation apparatus safety hazard?

chaosday - 16-1-2022 at 07:03

I recently bought this distillation apparatus and almost all the pieces have bubbles in them. Is this a safety hazard while distilling at elevated temperatures?

IMG_20211224_124904.jpg - 3.8MBIMG_20211224_125031.jpg - 3.7MB

Mush - 16-1-2022 at 17:15

I would say yes. Those trapped air pockets can/will expand upon heating or higher temperature eventually causing hairline cracks. If the first photo of the water inlet than that is problem. Ask for a replace/refund . If you decide to keep it, test carefully it might last for some time before it brakes and be prepared for failure always.

One ore two small bubbles may be ok. See this post

But on your cooler there are way too much on critical points.

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RustyShackleford - 16-1-2022 at 17:17

get your money back, thats not ok to use

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LeLaborantin - 15-3-2022 at 06:46

In your case and based on the pictures, it is the water inlet or outlet.

You will never have any problems with this...

I have a lot of glassware and this is something common on glassware that is not high end.

But since this part is not in contact with high temperature at all, there is no problem.

But if it is in a distillation flask or on a part in contact with high temperatures, it is not acceptable.

I wish you a good day.

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