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qualitative test for epoxides

jwarr - 21-3-2011 at 21:13

Are there any relatively simple qualitative tests for epoxides? I looked into using periodic acid, but it seems silver nitrate (expensive) and nitric acid (not on hand) are required. Any alternatives would be much appreciated.

For anyone who is interested, the procedure outlined by
is as follows:

The procedure is a modification of the qualitative glycol test of
Shriner and Fuson (2). Exactly 2 drops of roncentrated nitric
acid is added to 2 ml. of a 0.5% solution of periodic acid, and 1 or
2 drops of the unknown is added. Water-insoluble unknowns
should first be dissolved in 2 ml. of dioxane or acetic acid, The
mixture is shaken and 1 or 2 drops of 5% silver nitrate is added at
room temperature. A positive test is the appearance of a white
precipitate of silver iodate which usually forms immediately, but
may require up to 5 minutes for complete precipitation. In all
cases a blank should be run for comparison. The test is nega-
tive for simple aldchydes, ket,ones, and alcohols

DJF90 - 22-3-2011 at 07:02

This paper might help...

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jwarr - 23-3-2011 at 08:55

Fantastic! Just what I was looking for, thanks.