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I am looking to buy Isopropylamine cas 75-31-0

argox120 - 31-3-2022 at 05:28

If anyone has this reagent available i would be extremely interested, I am specifically looking for 500ml of the freebase or 500g of the hcl version. if you have this please please message me at [email redacted]

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Mathias94 - 31-3-2022 at 05:38

mario840, he almost certainly can deliver

argox120 - 31-3-2022 at 05:40

who is that does he or she have an email, thanks

Mathias94 - 31-3-2022 at 05:42

Can contact him by DM

Fery - 31-3-2022 at 07:48

Some time ago I wanted to buy it from S3 but they removed the item from my order due to special requirements for its transportation, it could not be sent in common parcel using common courier

draculic acid69 - 31-3-2022 at 22:51

Isopropylamine can be easily isolated from concentrated(30%) roundup (glyphosate)
products which are in every hardware store or gardening supply centre

Obtaining isopropylamine 1 litre cas 75-31-0

argox120 - 18-5-2022 at 10:57

Hello do anybody in North america have this reagent, cas 75-31-0
1 litre or 500ml would love to buy this asap. u2u me if ur serious

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karlosĀ³ - 18-5-2022 at 13:14

Damn just hydrolyse some glyphosate.

Fantasma4500 - 19-5-2022 at 05:02

you could simply react isopropyl alcohol with HBr or KBr+H2SO4
then react this with ammonia

karlosĀ³ - 20-5-2022 at 00:46

Quote: Originally posted by Antiswat  
you could simply react isopropyl alcohol with HBr or KBr+H2SO4
then react this with ammonia

I believe you will get diisopropylamine this way, because sterics, with ethyl bromide you would get triethylamine mostly.

SWIM - 20-5-2022 at 09:52

Roundup really is the way to go here.

It's an isopropylamine salt of glyphosate.

About as easy as getting it from isopropylamine HCl.

Mateo_swe - 2-6-2022 at 08:31

Were i live all the roundup bottles has a new text added to them that says "glyphosate free".

Roundup - sad but true.jpg - 150kB

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