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Iodine storage

reactofurnace - 6-5-2022 at 06:04

Is it possible to store iodine in warm-hot weather (28-30C)? I'm planning to prepare some for a reaction and was wondering if such temperatures can cause the iodine to sublimate over several days.

Texium - 6-5-2022 at 08:02

Depends on what you’re storing it in. Ampouled? No problem. Vial with Teflon lined lid? Probably fine, as long as it’s not for too long. Put it in a secondary jar with some sodium hydroxide pellets for extra insurance, if you want to. Anything less than that will very likely leak at those temperatures.

Sulaiman - 6-5-2022 at 09:55

The vapour pressure of iodine is quite low, (<0.1 Atm. @ 50C)
So the main concern is the chemical compatibility of the cap liner with iodine.
For hours or days even coated paper will survive,
Foam polyethylene liners will survive at least for months.

Lion850 - 6-5-2022 at 21:18

I have iodine that has been in my shed in a dark glass bottle with plastic cap (not sure what kind of plastic) for a few years, and in summer shed often gets to over 40C. Put the glass bottle in a zip lined clear plastic bag then you can easily see how much escapes (seems a bit always does!).