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Labconco Basic 47 fume hood manual

Phosphor-ing - 14-7-2022 at 02:00

I recently acquired a Labconco Basic 47 fume hood, model 47702. I am trying to find the manual online. Labconco’s website requires an account to download the manual. Anyone have an account? I would really appreciate it.

PirateDocBrown - 14-7-2022 at 03:29

Looks like you don't actually have to be a customer to make an account. So I made one.

Attachment: Labconco-labconco47_59_70fumehoodsmanual1973-1983.pdf (996kB)
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Phosphor-ing - 14-7-2022 at 05:39

Thank you. I just assumed you needed an account like most other suppliers.