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4-picoline (4-methylpyridine) for free (EU)

valeg96 - 19-8-2022 at 08:28

Title says it all. I have about 150 mL of 4-picoline, Aldrich, repackaged.

It is not excessively oxidised, just slightly yellow. A fair warning that this thing somehow smells ten times as revolting as pyridine.

Shipping within europe is 10-15 euros. Hit mw up if you are interested.

Tsjerk - 19-8-2022 at 08:39

I would like to have it, as a curiosity, maybe with some use later in life. I can buy pyridine, if I would need some, and probably would if the smell is really ten times worse 8). I smelled pyridine and it is not fun.

If no one with an actual use for it shows up, keep me in mind.

valeg96 - 19-8-2022 at 08:58

I used it to make the N-methyl iodide salt for the synthesis of Brooker's Merocyanine, though I never carried out the final step with the aldehyde.

Now I have 80 g of useless N-methylpicolinium iodide in addition to it, but at least it's not stinky.

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valeg96 - 21-8-2022 at 10:00

Update: The picoline was gifted today!

draculic acid69 - 23-8-2022 at 20:07

I've always wondered if the salt of this would also act as a demethylation agent just like pyridine