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Centrifuge ALC 4206 for sale - ! For spare parts !

valeg96 - 19-8-2022 at 09:09

I, sadly, cannot repair my centrifuge anymore. After a tentative repair à la MacGyver on the PCB I have to sadly give up and sell it for spare parts. The equipment powers up but the centrifuge doesn't start.

It's for sale on eBay at a fairly high price, if you are interested hit me up here so I can send it to you for less and avoid the annoying eBay fees.

IMG_20220819_173324.jpg - 2.8MB

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IMG_20220819_173409.jpg - 2.8MBIMG_20220819_173340.jpg - 3MB

valeg96 - 27-8-2022 at 13:38

Update: the centrifuge was gifted to a fellow amateur that will likely be able to repair it!