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Idiocy in action; don't be me

arkoma - 18-12-2022 at 07:37

Well, i printed a .25 calibre starter pistol. NO SAFETY. dumb dumb dumb. Loaded some HOT blanks--black powder fortified with magnalium--really pretty at night by the way.

Fast Forward.

My dog died, alcohol WAS involved along with grief, and I got to screwing with my blanks. Bear in mind, I'm almost sixty and been messing with dangerous things all my life and KNOW BETTER. Hear me youngsters....

My wonky trigger let loose with my fingertip in the wrong place. OOPS

Lost about 3/4 inch. Even with the sharpie mark.

finger.jpg - 990kB

DraconicAcid - 18-12-2022 at 10:15

Yikes! I am so sorry for your loss- both your dog and your finger.

ManyInterests - 18-12-2022 at 11:19

Holy shit! the worst I have is a small scar on my hand and picric acid stains on my fake wood floor. This stuff is dangerous.

And I'm a gun guy and I want to make homemade smokeless propellants and priming compounds.

Stories like these make me feel really wary of what might happen.

arkoma - 18-12-2022 at 11:30

Kinda why I posted least not as bad an outcome as "Life after detonation". If I can save one kids life that reads this I've done well.

B(a)P - 18-12-2022 at 11:34

Ouch, really sorry to hear this. I hope it heals cleanly, quickly and without too much discomfort.
Very brave of you to share.

ManyInterests - 18-12-2022 at 11:37

The worst thing is just how sudden these things happen. You think everything is going OK then... BAM! It happens! This is what happened when a single drop of red fuming nitric acid fell on my hand and I wasn't wearing gloves. I didn't even trust the vinyl gloves that should protect against fuming nitric acid (I trust them now that I've tested them) and I have a scar I need to look at every time I see my hand.

This is a scary thing.

DraconicAcid - 18-12-2022 at 11:43

Hopefully your Secret Santa hadn't sent you new gloves....

Energetics-testin - 18-12-2022 at 12:05

I've had an accident similar to your story..I had bought 100 rounds of .25 Ramset blanks...I was taking out the smokeless powder first then I would put them on the side to extract the priming compound(lead styphnate I think)..

After like 30 rounds I became tired and decided to go have a drink and finish after..

After my break,I was a litlle drunk and scrapped the priming compound with a metal detonated in my face...thankfully no injuries..but my eyes burned for 2 days straight after that..

Ever since,I've stopped ''playing'' with blanks..And now I use them carefully and with respect.

Thanks for sharing your story.

blogfast25 - 18-12-2022 at 12:36

All the best and speedy recovery!

j_sum1 - 18-12-2022 at 14:00

Quote: Originally posted by DraconicAcid  
Hopefully your Secret Santa hadn't sent you new gloves....

Or socks.


MadHatter - 18-12-2022 at 14:25

Arky, as we discussed earlier I'm lucky I only lost my eyebrows to Armstrong's
mixture. Could have been much worse. Be safe for the holidays my friend.
Sorry to hear about the loss of your dog. Nobody likes losing long time pets.
For me it was a chocolate Labrador earlier this year. He was my buddy.

arkoma - 18-12-2022 at 14:57

Quote: Originally posted by B(a)P  

Very brave of you to share.

Other people need to hear this stuff. Complacency sets in EASY.

Hey Buddy - 18-12-2022 at 23:18

I hate safeties. Sorry to hear about your dog.

Dr.Bob - 19-12-2022 at 10:32


Sorry to hear about the finger, and the dog. Hope it heals OK and you can find a new dog as well. Merry Christmas.

woelen - 19-12-2022 at 23:51

Arkoma, I find it brave that you shared this with us. Thumbs up for sharing and warning!
I wish you a good recovery! I wish you a good Christmas, despite this nasty event!

Phosphor-ing - 20-12-2022 at 13:30

Sorry about your finger. I too recently lost my dog. I can relate to the alcohol/grief stupor you speak of. Fortunately I don’t dabble in energetics.
Wishing you a quick recovery.

violet sin - 20-12-2022 at 19:06

See if they'd just go ahead and let people use fireworks for Christmas season... You wouldn't have been messing around with a dragon's breath pistol. Well maybe you would have IDK. Point is, bottle rockets sound fun and hard to set off on accident. Sounds like a blinding revelation of what can go wrong. Levity aside, ouch! I hope your a good sport with the ribbing.

Rough go loosing the tip of your finger. Wishing you a speedy recovery Arky. About your loss, well that will heal, just more slowly. We've said goodbye to a lot of furry friends over the years. Down to one grumpy cat, 16+ YO. I feel ya there man.

XeonTheMGPony - 21-12-2022 at 07:20

Sorry for the lose, some wounds cut very deep and losing a loved one is deff a very very deep one.

The real issue here was the alcohol in the end, it asks for a huge price that is rarely worth the fleeting temporary cold comfort it offers.

I hope you heal well, on all fronts.

arkoma - 21-12-2022 at 23:11

Quote: Originally posted by violet sin  
e I hope your a good sport with the ribbing.

Yes, I'm good with it, in fact it is EXPECTED.

The thing is, in Ark-In-Saw, you can practically buy dynamite over the counter for Fourth of July and New Year's Eve.

specialactivitieSK - 25-12-2022 at 09:00

Fantasma4500 - 10-1-2023 at 16:37

condolences - on the bright side, microneedling can help to make scarred skin look normal within weeks- depending. has crackling balls never been fired out of a gun before?

Rainwater - 10-1-2023 at 18:01

Be grateful for a lesson learned.
Im thankful you shared this with the world,
I am hoping it will protect others

It does not matter
how many times you have done something
nor how skilled you are
or how well prepared you may be
This may have a high price, but it's cheap compared to
the "what could have been"
December 25, 2014. 10:43am
Doing something ive done 1000s of times.
PPE saves lives.

My arc flash suite was peppered with molten copper and steel
Shrapnel from my hard hat penetrated 1/4in thick steel cabinets behind me
face shield was atomized, safety glasses melted to my head
fireproof shirt charred and fell apart
zipper was welded shut and my paints on fire under my apron.
gloves burnt off my hands
Cell phone was melted in my pocket, bluetooth melted in my ear
contact lenses melted and surgicly removed from my eyes
1st degree across the entire front of my body, and i mean EVERYTHING
3rd to my face and hands.
35 days of pain management, 19 months of physical addiction and detox
Still burns to this day
I am blessed to say im alive.
20141228_075159 (1).jpg - 1.6MB

arkoma - 11-1-2023 at 15:44

Oh wow. That was pretty catastrophic Rainwater. I'm sure your friends and family do indeed think it is Madness (pun intended...) that you are still involved in this avocation.

Yes, I DO HOPE that this post breaks through at least one persons complacency. Thanks for your addition to it, Wow,


Healing well.

20230111_174724.jpg - 326kB

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j_sum1 - 11-1-2023 at 16:15

So, you lost all the way down to the first knuckle? Or is there some fingertip bone left?

arkoma - 11-1-2023 at 21:55

To here:

20230111_235401.jpg - 753kB

j_sum1 - 11-1-2023 at 23:53

Saves time on clipping fingernails I suppose.

simply RED - 23-1-2023 at 02:36

Rainwater, what caused that catastrophic event?

Mateo_swe - 23-1-2023 at 05:52

Sorry for your loss, arkoma.

Rainwater, holy shit that looks bad.
You are so lucky you are alive after that one.

Rainwater - 23-1-2023 at 10:28

Been thinking about that for years
Bottom line, I got lucky 1000s of times.
Then luck ran out.

Do not do electrical work hot.
No exceptions!
Its against the law in most countries.
Someone explain this to my boss

15 years doing heavy industrial electrical.
I done this procedure 1000s of times
Got lucky was what i was really doing

We built a new 4000a gear to replace a 2000a gear
I was moving feeder circuits from one to the other.
One at a time, tested each wire for voltage.
Isolated and insulated each wire as it was removed.
Got to the ground, went to disconnect it.
Blind, deaf, hot
Felt like i had been hit by a car.
Got sprayed with a fire extinguisher
Someone guided me outside,
waited on an ambulance

Raid - 13-2-2023 at 16:42

I had HMTD in a det-cap detonate on me today, luckily I was about 3 feet away and no injuries except for ringing ears.
I'm not sure why it detonated, maybe because a reaction between the HMTD and the vinyl or maybe an ESD.
If someone knows what could have caused this random detonation please reply.
I'm never making an organic peroxide ever again.

j_sum1 - 13-2-2023 at 17:02

@ Rainwater.

Situation reminds me of electric arc furnace at a steel mill I once worked at.

Electrodes operated at 3 phase, 11000V (from memory)and very high current.
Electrodes were made of a graphite paste that was dumped inside a steel ring (diameter about 1.5 metres). As the electrodes eroded they would be continuously lowered. As new electrode entered the furnace the graphite paste would bake solid and the steel ring would melt away.

Obviously a new steel ring would need to be added to the top and more paste added as the electrodes were used up.
Arc-welding a new ring on was done while the furnace was in operation. It always seemed to me to be a crazy idea to be welding something onto something else running several thousand amps at high voltage. Let's just say that there were very strict protocols for keeping the systems isolated during the procedure.

arkoma - 14-2-2023 at 13:48

Quote: Originally posted by Raid  
I had HMTD in a det-cap detonate on me today, luckily I was about 3 feet away and no injuries except for ringing ears.
I'm not sure why it detonated, maybe because a reaction between the HMTD and the vinyl or maybe an ESD.
If someone knows what could have caused this random detonation please reply.
I'm never making an organic peroxide ever again.

Worth 1,000,000 million (a million million) words of warning from the rest of us. I'm 59 and STILL sometrimes think "Oh, it'll be OK to do this way just once"

j_sum1 - 14-2-2023 at 14:20

Quote: Originally posted by arkoma  
I'm 59 and STILL sometrimes think "Oh, it'll be OK to do this way just once"

That's 65 in base 9.

There are a few EM guys who have been forced to change base.

arkoma - 15-2-2023 at 11:27

Saw that last night (14-15 hours ago?) and JUST now got the joke. Good One!

Yamato71 - 2-3-2023 at 19:03

Welcome to the club. I am NOT happy that you're here.