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Forced air, water cooler

Rainwater - 30-5-2023 at 15:03

So I payed a visit to my local yard sales.
I got a small 2.5cu/ft refrigerator, a big fountain pump with lots of tubing and connectors.
Total about $35usd.
Caulked in some plexy glass, relocated the evaporator to the new fluid reservoir, tossed in the pump and killed the compressor. She couldnt handle the heat. This things ment to chill beer overnight. But for 10 bucks was cool to watch the magic smoke.
Picked up an old broken dehumidifier for free, found an old heater core from a car (free). And Frankenstein'ed this together.

The 250gal/hour pump hits a t fitting and is reduced to a 1/4in rubber that feeds the condencer. That just cycpes back to the reservoir. The excess pressure goes through the heat exchanger and is cooled down to the room temp.

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Texium - 30-5-2023 at 15:18

Interesting. Giving me ideas, because I am planning on getting one or two ductless split heat pumps for my house, which would free up the old window unit AC I currently use to cool my bedroom in the summer. I bet it would make a beast of a recirculating chiller when combined with a submersible pump and a PID controller!