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I just got 165Gal of isopropanol 99%, what to do?

1KEE - 9-9-2023 at 10:27

Hi, I'm sorry it's been so long since I visited here... need to catch up...

Well, I just got three 55Gal drums, unopened, of 99% isopropanol, kinda dropped off by a buddy for no good reason. I have absolutely no use for all of it!

Anyone have ideas on how to sell or what to do? I imagine car paint shops could use it for cleaning, Maybe I should get some 1 and 5 gal containers and break it up? What do you all think?

Thank you!

Tsjerk - 9-9-2023 at 10:53

My guess is that it will take you a lot of time to sell it, you first have to consider what your time is worth.

1KEE - 9-9-2023 at 10:59

Oh, I get it, selling it is no fun…. I was in the stupid situation of wanting like 5Gal and was told you gotta take the whole batch haha.

I’d love to sell 2 drums whole, for cheap, and maybe split up the last one and save a little for myself…

(Sorry about lousy photos)

55D179E1-3465-4180-BB0A-AEB373263613.jpeg - 2MB

5E47840D-6398-4976-A58A-0E17BFD0DD00.jpeg - 2.5MB

Dr.Bob - 10-9-2023 at 16:58

Where are you located? You might be able to sell it, swap it, or just make a big fire.

Rainwater - 11-9-2023 at 01:28

1) get your hands really, really clean.
2) remove water from contaminated gasoline
3) keep an alcohol lamp burning for 3 years, 78 day and 8 hour[1] per drum.
4)thin out a lot of acrylic pain and epoxy

WGTR - 11-9-2023 at 07:19

I use it in a spray bottle to knock down flying gnats. One squirt to knock them down, and another to drown them where they land. Cheap, leaves no residue except dead flies, and evaporates quickly. So you have bug spray…165 gallons of bug spray.

Jenks - 11-9-2023 at 13:39

Since isopropanol burns cleanly you could use it to heat your home. Depending on your financial situation, it could be worth your time to modify some kind of heater to combust the isopropanol instead of its intended liquid fuel. You might get away with using it as a gasoline additive for your own use, since ethanol is already added to gasoline and isopropanol is closer in properties to the hydrocarbons in gasoline than ethanol is - you would have to consider the 1% water though. Maybe you can buy or borrow something, like a generator or a tool, that is meant to be "flex fuel". If it can run either gasoline or E85, it might work on isopropanol.

1KEE - 12-9-2023 at 16:18

Quote: Originally posted by Dr.Bob  
Where are you located? You might be able to sell it, swap it, or just make a big fire.

SF Bay Area… I might try Craigslist and FB see if anyone shows interest…

j_sum1 - 12-9-2023 at 17:13

Hours of fun with potato cannons.

use IPA as fuel additive

Mr. Wizard - 12-9-2023 at 17:27

Since you have so much of it you might try adding a few percent to your gasoline to get the value out of it. Since gasoline contains up to 10% ethanol anyway another 1-2% by volume shouldn't make much difference. Since this cuts into tax revenue on gasoline you won't find anybody recommending this. One percent is the recommended amount for airplane engine deicing. It will not deliver the same BTUs or milage as gasoline, but it is free so you don't care.

RogueRose - 13-9-2023 at 08:34

make a lot of chloroforn

Grizli7 - 17-12-2023 at 04:47

1. Dilute with water and sell like glass cleaning liquid for cars.
2. Sell as an antiseptic for hand