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Please allow me to introduce myself...

HomeChemist - 23-1-2024 at 01:26

Hello everyone,
been visiting this forum for quite a while now and finally managed to register an account.

I am from Germany and got a passion for chemistry and science in general even though I am not a trained or studied chemist.

I also like DIY-stuff like self made magnetic stirrers, heating mantles, fume hoods and since all chemicals I am using for my experiments are acquired over-the-counter I'm somehow enjoying the fact that I am often very limited in regards to accessible reagents... Or let's say I'm trying to make the best out of it because sometimes I wish for a lab grade supply of everything ;)

I've attached a few pictures showing my little lab and some of the equipment I am using.

Looking forward to participate!

IMG-20240120-WA0005.jpg - 194kBIMG-20240123-WA0001.jpg - 223kBIMG-20240120-WA0004.jpg - 159kBIMG-20240120-WA0009.jpg - 139kBIMG-20240120-WA0008.jpg - 143kBIMG-20240120-WA0007.jpg - 237kBIMG-20240120-WA0006.jpg - 233kBIMG-20240123-WA0002.jpg - 174kBIMG-20240123-WA0000.jpg - 196kB

Admagistr - 23-1-2024 at 03:55

Hello, that's great news. Germany has often produced the best chemists. I look forward to your first post;)!

Bedlasky - 23-1-2024 at 05:26

Hello and welcome! Your lab look awesome! In what type of chemistry are you interested in?

Energetics-testin - 30-1-2024 at 01:41

Always fun to meet another experimenter on our forum, welcome. :cool:

j_sum1 - 30-1-2024 at 02:43

Missed this one.
More a reflection of me having little time for this board atm.

Welcome, HomeChemist. I hope you stick around and do some interesting stuff. A warning however, this board can be addictive.

Sir_Gawain - 30-1-2024 at 11:58

That’s a nice little setup you got there! I can see most of the essentials; hot plate, distillation apparatus, sep. funnel, addition funnel, et cetera. What is that cylinder in last picture?

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