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Hard to find, high quality reagents and glassware for sale!

Texium - 18-2-2024 at 20:17

I have unpacked and sorted all of my chemicals! This thread will be updated every week or two until I have finished taking inventory.

To start this off, I have some high purity salts manufactured by Merck that are still unopened in their original packaging. Prices are in USD. I am willing to ship these worldwide:
Potassium bromide (500 g) (2 available) $50
Potassium iodide (500 g) (2 available) $80
Cesium chloride (1 kg) (1 available) $250
Cesium bromide (250 g) (2 available) $100
Cesium iodide (1 kg) (2 available) $250
Cesium iodide (250 g) (3 available) $100
Rubidium chloride (100 g) (2 available) $200

Below is a spreadsheet with many other reagents that I'm willing to sell in variable quantities. It now contains an updated list of inorganic chemicals and all of the bulk organic chemicals.

Attachment: Chemicals For Sale 3-10-24.xlsx (18kB)
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I tried to set reasonable prices based on other suppliers I could find, but I didn't spend incredibly long researching, so if you find a legit supplier with a better price, I will do my best to price-match. I am comfortable shipping many things worldwide, but international orders for less than $50 may not be worth the cost of shipping. I'm also not willing to ship particularly toxic water-soluble salts or oxidizers overseas. This is clarified for each item in the spreadsheet.

Finally, I have made another spreadsheet with more niche organic compounds that I have in smaller quantities (<250 g, some as low as 1 g). I didn't want to take the time to price these since most of them are very specific. The quantities listed are the original bottle size. The actual contents may be less, but I will measure them to confirm the precise weight on inquiry. Some of them I may want to keep a few grams of as well, so the quantity that I'm willing to sell may be lower. If you're interested in any of these, just send me an inquiry by U2U and we can discuss quantity and price.

Attachment: Niche Organic Compounds 3-10-24.xlsx (12kB)
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Update 4-21-24: Glassware is now available!
Here is a spreadsheet with all of the more standard glassware I have available:

Attachment: Glassware For Sale 4-21-24.xlsx (16kB)
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Unless otherwise specified, everything is of high quality American or European make and is in good to like new condition. I know it pales in comparison to what Dr. Bob has to offer, but I do have a good selection of 24/40 distillation glassware, which I understand he is running low on.

More niche/specialty items will be posted below, with pictures.

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Texium - 25-2-2024 at 09:24

Here are some pictures of the unopened potassium, rubidium, and cesium halides:

IMG_1136.jpg - 2.6MB IMG_1137.jpg - 2.5MB

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Cendre - 7-3-2024 at 00:14

Have you been able to inventory more of your chemicals?

Texium - 7-3-2024 at 16:05

I've been very busy the last few weeks, but I'm going to get to it this weekend. I'm aiming to have the rest of the chemicals inventoried and posted here by Saturday night my time. The only inorganics I have left to inventory are some miscellaneous potassium and sodium salts.

Then there's a ton of organics. There's a limited number of generally useful organics that I have in large enough quantity to sell in bulk like the inorganic salts. Off the top of my head: citric acid, phenol, benzophenone, n-butyl chloride, benzyl acetate, phthalic anhydride, phthalimide, oxalic acid. I also have dozens of niche compounds in small quantities, some of which I'll likely never have a use for myself. I'll post those as a separate list. Since many of them might have limited appeal, I won't take the time to price all of them. You can just make an offer if you're interested.

Texium - 9-3-2024 at 11:24

Just found unopened bags of aluminum sulfate and sodium sulfate decahydrate from Dharma Trading that are too cheap to be worth splitting up:
Aluminum sulfate (5 lb) (1 available) $10
Sodium sulfate decahydrate (5 lb) (1 available) $5

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Texium - 9-3-2024 at 18:31

There really weren't a lot of inorganics left that were actually worth selling. This is all I added to that list:
Potassium periodate
Potassium iodate
Sodium sulfate, anhydrous
Sodium dithionite/hydrosulfite
Sodium metaperiodate
Sodium pyrophosphate, decahydrate
Sodium bromate
Sodium fluoride
Sodium formate
Disodium EDTA dihydrate
Sodium nitrite

See the updated spreadsheet for amounts and pricing (in the first post of this thread). It is also updated with the bulk organics. Niche organics will be posted in a second spreadsheet tomorrow.

The only stuff that I haven't listed is liquids. I'm not sure if it's worth the risk and hassle to ship liquids. Feel free to inquire though if you are able to pick up locally.

Texium - 10-3-2024 at 13:52

The niche organic compounds spreadsheet has been posted (edited into the first post).

experientialLearning - 18-3-2024 at 19:19

I purchased some chemicals and they showed up looking great! Big thanks to Texium for putting these for sale.

IMG_0739.JPG - 2.1MB

Dr.Bob - 29-3-2024 at 18:42

Got some stuff from Texium, a great deal. He even had a few things I did not already have, which is rare.

Texium - 21-4-2024 at 11:02

EL and Dr. Bob, thank you both for the good feedback!

I am happy to announce that glassware is now available! See the first post for the spreadsheet. I have some other more niche things that I will begin posting pictures of as well. I'm also planning on putting together some "bargain bins" of things that are either impractical to use (e.g., no ground glass joints), somewhat broken, or just plain weird.

Special Glassware

Texium - 21-4-2024 at 16:21

IMG_1449.jpg - 908kB IMG_1450.jpg - 855kB
129: This is a cheap Chinese distillation apparatus. It actually has a bit of a story. It was the first distillation apparatus I purchased about 10 years ago. I christened it with bromine. Didn't use it for much after that because I acquired better equipment. I sold it to Atrum several years ago, and now it has returned to me. The boiling flask takes a 24/29 stopper but I couldn't find it. The condenser's top joint is 14/20. It's a strange little rig. I'm asking $25 for it (clamps and stands are not included).

130: Two cold traps for a vacuum system. Could also be used for gas washing. 130A is 24/40, 130B is 19/38 and has holes in the downtube likely to prevent suckback. $15 each.

IMG_1451 2.jpg - 956kB
131: Miscellaneous 14/20 cow adapters. 131A and 131B require a special vacuum take-off adapter to function, which I don't have available. 131A has teflon-wrapped joints. It seems to be permanently bonded to the glass. Pretty nice, and I've never seen anything like it before. C, D, E, and G are compatible with a 14/20 short path distillation setup. C has 4 3 mL graduated tubes. The graduations are worn off on some and it looks like it was repaired once or twice. I am reserving F to be sold with 133C because it is the only one that fits it, unless someone elects to by 133C without it.

IMG_1452.jpg - 850kB IMG_1453.jpg - 894kB
132A: Complete 24/40 cow receiver setup. Compatible glass stopcock will be provided.

132B: 19/22 cow receiver, missing distribution adapter. Comes with 1 10 mL receiver.

133A: 24/40 400 mm Vigreux column with built in still head. 10/30 thermometer joint. $40

133B: 24/40 Kontes Claisen still head with built-in 200 mm Vigreux column. 10/30 thermometer joint at top of column. $50

133C: 14/20 short-path distillation setup with built-in 200 mm Vigreux column. The column was originally vacuum jacketed, but the jacket is broken. It still functions, just perhaps not as efficiently. 10/18 thermomter joint at top of column. Angled blue glass drip tip to be used with cow. I recommend purchasing 131F cow receiver for compatibility. The other cows I have are too small. $100

133D: 24/40 all-in-one distillation setup. Built-in 100 mm Vigreux column with 10/30 thermometer joint at top. 200 mm West condenser, vacuum take-off. $60

133E: 24/40 200 mm Liebig condenser with built-in still head. 10/30 thermometer joint at top of still head. $30

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Old non-ground-glass condensers

Texium - 21-4-2024 at 16:31

IMG_1461.png - 7.5MB
134A: 600 mm Alihn condenser. Two available. $20
134B: 400 mm Alihn condenser. $15
134C: 200 mm Graham condenser. $15

Keep in mind that the 600 mm condensers will be particularly expensive to ship. I consider these a "glassblower's special," because if you have the ability to retrofit these with 24/40 joints, it will increase their value significantly.

$1 Bargain Bin

Texium - 22-4-2024 at 09:19

Here's the $1 Bargain Bin glassware! Every item in these pictures costs $1. Plus, if you order at least $20 of glassware and/or chemicals, I'll throw in one item of your choice for free, while supplies last.
IMG_1455.png - 7.7MB IMG_1456.png - 6.9MB
B1A 60 mL Pyrex viscosimeter flask

B1B Absurdly long 24/40 thermometer well

B1C Kimax glass tube with tubing ports and removable plastic ends with holes and rubber O-rings. I think you could make a condenser out of this with a suitable size piece of glass tubing?

B1D Lot of three weird tubes (if anyone has an idea of what these are, please share)

B1E Kontes glass stopcock with adapter meant to take an O-ring and metal clamp

B1F Lot of 6 pieces assorted glass tubing

B1G Pestle part for tissue grinder

B1H Thistle funnel, looks like the top of a Kipp's apparatus

B1I Strange tube with 10/18 male joint. Glass frit at tip of joint.

B1J Lot of two straight drying tubes

B1K Pyrex glass bottle ~200 mL with hose barb at base

B1L Bellco tube (cracked) full of bent glass stirring rods

B1M Kontes U-shaped tube with two male 24/40 joints

B1N Packard Shlenck bomb (?), 100 mL, 14/20 male joint

B1O 50 mL Kimax centrifuge tube, takes 19 mm ground glass stopper. I should be able to throw in a matching stopper.

B1P Lot of 3 50 mL Kimax graduated centrifuge tubes

B1Q 25 mL Kimax pear-shaped distilling flask

B1S 24/40 angled adapter

B1T Straight tube with male 24/40 joint, no joint at top

B1U 10 mL Erlenmeyer flask, chipped on the rim

B1V 5 mL Ace graduated vial for microscale reactions

B1W 14/20 thermometer adapter missing plastic part

B1X test tube with 14/20 female joint

B1Y flared tube with 14/20 male joint

B1Z Kimax U-tube

B1AA Kimax bulb with hose barb

B1BB Lot of three Pyrex tubes with 24/40 male joints. I believe these are stock joints for glassblowers to use rather than having an intended use as-is.

B1CC Lot of two weird tubes.

B1DD Lot of two Pyrex tubing "T" pieces

B1EE 50 mL Pyrex distilling flask

B1FF Pyrex 19/22 vacuum take-off adapter, bottom joint is broken

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$5 Bargain Bin

Texium - 22-4-2024 at 09:40

And this is the $5 Bargain Bin. Every piece in these pictures costs $5, and if you order at least $50 worth of chemicals and/or equipment from me, I'll throw one of your choice in for free, while supplies last.

IMG_1458.png - 5.5MB IMG_1459.png - 5.6MB IMG_1460.png - 6.3MB

B5A 2000 mL Kimax RBF, neck is broken. Flask has some external scratches/etching.

B5B 500 mL Pyrex Florence flask, no ground glass joint, small crack in the top of the neck but still usable.

B5C 600 mL Pyrex Florence flask, top of neck lip is ground glass as if it was designed to fit flush with another piece and be clamped together

B5D 125 mL Pyrex distilling flask, like-new condition

B5E 250 mL Pyrex Erlenmeyer flask with strange conical mouth. Takes 24 mm stopper.

B5F 250 mL Bellco Erlenmeyer flask with extra long, wide neck.

B5G 250 mL heavy-walled Pyrex filter flask with broken hose barb

B5H 200 mL Kimax volumetric flask with unusual flared top

B5I 24/40 Kjeldahl bulb with hose barb outlet

B5J Pyrex gravity chromatography column with fritted disc at bottom and glass stopcock. Will provide fitting stopcock. Sold

B5K Pyrex chromatography column with 125 mL solvent reservoir and glass stopcock. Will provide fitting stopcock. Takes 19 mm stopper, which may be provided if I find more. Sold

B5L 60 mL Pyrex addition funnel with glass stopcock and long stem Sold

B5M ~30 mL addition funnel, angled. Will provide fitting glass stopcock.

B5N Tiny bubbler

B5O 25 mL Dean-Stark trap without ground glass joints. Will provide fitting glass stopcock.

B5P Huge 3-way glass stopcock

B5Q ~1 L Pyrex bottle with 2 24/40 joints

B5R 200 mm Pyrex Vigreux column without ground glass joints.

B5S Large glass tube with 24/40 male joint on one end and 45/50 male joint on other end

B5T Weirdly tall Pyrex 24/40 "h" still head for vertical distillation setup

B5U Pyrex 24/40 odd angled adapter

B5V Unusual Pyrex still head with 2 24/40 male joints and one 19/38 female joint

B5W Kontes 24/40 Y adapter

B5X Pyrex 29/42 tube for cold trap or gas bubbler

B5Y Ace 29/42 tube for cold trap or gas bubbler

B5Z Large Pyrex Dean-Stark trap (?) with male 24/40 joint and female 29/42 joint. Bottom joint is broken but still intact enough to work.

B5AA Strange giant reactor thing. 60/50 center joint, 24/40 and 14/35 side arm joints. Third side arm is broken off.

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bnull - 22-4-2024 at 16:08

Quote: Originally posted by Texium  
B1D Lot of three weird tubes (if anyone has an idea of what these are, please share)

They look like those microfilter funnels. Pregl or something.

Dr.Bob - 25-4-2024 at 11:15

Man, you have almost as much weird stuff as I do. Good luck selling it, if anyone likes Texium's stuff, I likely have more stuff like it, but he has even a few things I have never seen. Would be great for someone in Hollywood trying to make a scientific looking set... Maybe they can use some of it when they make the Breaking Bad sequel, eventually.

Texium - 15-5-2024 at 10:23

Found some volumetric pipettes that I’m willing to sell for $2 each. Note that you’ll probably want to buy these with other items since they’re long and the shipping for them alone would cost a lot more than the item. I have six 15 mL and ten 20 mL ones available.

Also found some new test tubes:

3 cases of 10x75 mm disposable test tubes. Each case contains 250 tubes. I’d be willing to sell these for $20 each.

2 cases of ~15x130 mm screw top test tubes, NO LIDS. 250 tubes per case. I’m asking $30 for each case of these.

dettoo456 - 25-5-2024 at 19:17

Goes without saying, but Texium ships fast, is extremely helpful and fair with items and pricing, and sends glass packaged great. Thanks