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Bulk (4L) Solvents Available - Pickup in SoCal US

dettoo456 - 15-3-2024 at 09:12

If anyone in the Southern California area (or willing to drive out) is interested in bulk, normal lab solvents, there’s a liquidator in LA getting rid of stuff for very cheap <$40/4L bottle, or even <$80/16L. He’s also selling dry chemicals but I haven’t seen the prices on any of those yet.

As far as I’m aware, he still has DCM, CHCl3, MeCN, Et2O, EtOAc, EtOH, MeOH, IPA, & Acetone - all at HPLC grade in sealed 4L bottles and Honeywell brand.

I’ve bought 4L DCM & 8L MeCN; both are sealed and are straight out of the mfg packaging. I paid $40 for the 8L MeCN & $30 for the DCM.

I’ll send the sellers’ info via U2U if anyone is curious.

IMG_1732.jpeg - 3MB

Sir_Gawain - 15-3-2024 at 11:07

For the first time in my life, I wished I lived in California.:D

Dr.Bob - 17-3-2024 at 14:07

It's a great place to visit, wouldn't want to live there.

But that is a great post to let people know, there are few places selling chemicals anymore other than the big companies. Good luck and hoppe the California people read this soon.