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possible trade

Rogeryermaw - 20-5-2011 at 18:19

i have been burned. i foolishly made an order with i am warning you all now if anyone here doesn't know about them. they scam hard. i made an order for chems their website said they had. my card was immediately charged and i promptly received an email that said item was on back order two - three weeks. that was three months ago.

i looked up reviews for this company and was directed to there are 23 plus reviews on this company, all negative. it seems this is the scam they pull and then the items are never sent. if enough time goes by you can no longer dispute the charges to your card. enough ranting.

the trade i propose is POCl3 (phosphorus oxychloride) for elemental phosphorus (white phosphorus). if anyone is interested p.m. me to discuss quantities and terms. by the way it is the POCl3 i need and P4 that i have.

SovereignSolip - 21-5-2011 at 16:50

Yeah I need some phosphoryl chloride too.


Rogeryermaw - 23-5-2011 at 19:38

update: i finally put enough pressure on that they finally shipped my order. still i need to do an analysis to be sure i got the right chemical.

the plan is to place a drop of the "POCl3" into a test tube, hydrolyze, and test for the evolution of HCl with a stream of NH3 gas to look for the characteristic cloud of ammonium chloride. then possibly check the boiling point. sound good?

#maverick# - 23-5-2011 at 19:57

Glad to hear you got your order. You should report them to BBB

Rogeryermaw - 23-5-2011 at 19:59

i did. the BBB, the police and an attorney.

#maverick# - 23-5-2011 at 20:30

Good. I hate people that try and Vick us out of the money we earned

Rogeryermaw - 23-5-2011 at 21:13

especially since most of us hobby chemists have so little capital to start with. when we manage to get a few dollars for the things we need and some inconsiderate asshole pulls garbage and sets us back for months or even longer it really boils my piss. boils my piss and makes no phosphorus...

Rogeryermaw - 24-5-2011 at 11:11

update: i tested the POCl3 as follows:

1. place two drops pf POCl3 into test tube.
2. drop three drops of water over the POCl3
3. notice exothermic reaction by warmth of test tube
4. generate NH3 by addition of NaOH to NH4NO3
5. draw evolved ammonia gas into pipette
6. inject ammonia gas over reaction product of POCl3 + H2O
7. observe formation of ammonium chloride fog indicating the presence of HCl gas

POCl3 is hydrolyzed by water to form phosphoric acid and HCl gas.
test was successful.

aliced25 - 17-5-2013 at 03:30

Also because so many hobby chemists live in asshole Countries or States and would prefer to cop the scam on the chin than involve LE (because if they do, they will be charged and have to prove they aren't producing anything illegal, their chemicals, solvents and glass will all be confiscated and they will never see them again). Not a bad scam really, reminds me of the Ass-dildo scam on Lock-Stock and Two-smoking barrels

Fantasma4500 - 17-5-2013 at 06:44

i really dont see the whole smart idea in scamming chemists.. chemists are usually bright people that can be very creative and get very mad

if i was somewhat near them and knew their adress i would feel highly tempted to put together a package with alot of H2S being released when opened, perhaps abit of smoke for extra effect.. :P
but thats just their luck im not in your shoes.. (:

why dont we start an scam-sites thread or something alike, approval/disproval thread for these kinds of ''salesmen''?