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Microbiology/Tissue culture incubator

magnus454 - 22-9-2011 at 14:23

I may have found something so I can build a microbiological incubator for my samples, petri dishes, and such. I found these natural terrarium (by zoomed), the are glass and plastic with a front entry door. the top is screen, so I'll replace it with a sheet of Lexan or glass on top glued in. I can add reptile terrarium heating rope to the very bottom held down with self adhesive pads, and a sheet of insulation on the underside of the bottom to reflect upward. I can put a small fan in the unit to move the air around to keep the heat even, and some shelving with holes in it for good air flow. an external thermostat to run the heater. I have an idea to upgrade the unit to handle CO2 atmospheres for advanced tissue culture, figure I can use a premium air stone in the front bottom, and a few small vent holes in the top back to distribute the CO2 injection. I just need to get a regulator, and the CO2 tank, and a meter that will read concentration in % for controlling the atmosphere inside. I'll take the light hood off.

Entry2_100_MainPicture.jpg - 47kB

Steve_hi - 23-9-2011 at 03:59

Nice idea I hope it works out well for you.

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