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Help! I need somebody('s opinion)!

flickedbic - 13-9-2002 at 16:56

I am new to all of this, most of what i know being straight out of the Anarchy Cookbook & Terrorist Handbook. Do any of you have any good web sites for a newbie like me to get info much like at Sciencemadness only simplified???

Where to go

Polverone - 13-9-2002 at 20:52

If you have read the sciencemadness FAQ (linked on the first page) and found it too intimidating, maybe you are not really interested in chemistry. Maybe you just want to make explosions? I am just guessing here, but since both of the books you mentioned are largely about how to make explosions, I think that's what you are after.

If that is your goal, go to, the Explosives and Weapons Forum. You won't need to know a lot of chemistry to use the information there. You only need to know how to follow directions. Be sure to carefully read the archives there before you start writing messages. If you ever tire of weapons and improvised explosives, come back here to converse about chemistry, wild theories, and all things whimsical.

vulture - 14-9-2002 at 00:39

You might want to throw away and forget anything you read in the cookbooks before signing up at E&W....

thank you pulverone

flickedbic - 14-9-2002 at 12:32

roguesci is more simplified than sciencemadness, but i think you misinterpreted my post. I am in high school and, while i know that H=hydrogen i cannot follow the complex expirements posted here. i can only aquire chem. that can be found at home or at my local home depot. I have gotten into the place where they keep the chem. at school, and they have some acids in there but not much else. Smuggling some out would prove very difficult, and getting in even more, due to the fact that i dress in black. (Dont let him in there! He will make a bomb to blow up the school!) -*sigh*-... ((young age+no money+no car+no equipment = Spud Guns and not much else)):( And about the "Cookbooks" I know that they are out of date and all the expirements contained therein all have a high prob. of you blowing off a finger (if in fact they work at all). But once again you need to remember this is all i could find. Ill see if i can obtain a chem. book from someones locker, that may help me for some of the more simple stuff. "ALL I KNOW IS THAT I KNOW NOTHING"-socrates


Polverone - 14-9-2002 at 17:15

I'm glad to hear that you are interested in the chemistry side of things, too! If you understand the principles behind what you are doing then you are much better equipped than someone who only follows "recipes." I would suggest that you start your learning with a university-level general chemistry book. Look at thrift stores and secondhand book stores to find an inexpensive one. Sometimes universities/colleges just give away or recycle old/surplus books, so you should look there too if there are any nearby.

If you cannot find an inexpensive book to buy, I suggest checking one out from a library. Again, try to get a university-level general chemistry book. A high school-level book won't be much easier to understand and it will contain less information.

If you absolutely can't get a book, for whatever reason, then turn to the web. Use directories and search engines to look for chemistry tutorials. If you read the sci.chem FAQ at, it suggests a rich variety of chemistry resources to explore.

Ramiel - 14-9-2002 at 22:38


Then as you learn more and grow older you can start constructing your own fireworks

I strongly argue that making one's own fireworks is a function of money, not age.

It's a matter of experience

vulture - 15-9-2002 at 00:52

not a matter of age and I think that what's xoo meant. I've been into pyrotechnics and madscience for a year now and I can say a have a good understanding of chemistry, but I still don't trust myself making AP or other HE's.
That's because sometimes ordinary (well, homemade extra power:D) flashpowder can still scare the living crap out of me if I see that only 5g lightly confined sprays shrapnel over a considerable distance and severely damages anything that's close to it.:o

thanks everyone

flickedbic - 16-9-2002 at 14:05

Polverone, I will see if my sister in colledge can grab a chem. book for me.
xoo1246, you are quite right. It is better to start small and live large than start large and die small...:D
You all will be seeing me again:cool:

trinitrotoluene - 18-10-2002 at 11:41

Acually is gone. I would suggest you go to bombshock but that site is also gone. I also think You should not trust the so called Anarchist Cookbook. Even though some of the stuff does work. But the rest is fake. Like the fertilizer bomb.

madscientist - 18-10-2002 at 12:34

Bombshock is a wasteland of decaying stupidity. Never waste your time with that filth.

Aechaen - 18-10-2002 at 12:43

I would not trust bombshock either, it is just anarchy cookbook sayers.

Roguesci is not gone, just gone to non, new, and not logged in members.


hissingnoise - 28-12-2002 at 09:24

The stupidest thing I ever did was to distill methyl nitrate from a ch3oh/hno3@70% mixture; no one should even consider being this stupid.
My one and only "unscheduled" explosion was a fast deflagration of naclo3 and graphite(anode debris); eyebrows and lashes grow back fairly quickly.

Anarchist - 28-12-2002 at 10:41

I don't think there is anyone here that can deny that they like to make things go Boom and explode, however the difference between most people here and the Cookbook Kiddies is that we are interested not only in how to make it and set it off, but why it works or how to improve upon old explosives or make them safer, or even to create brand new ones.

lucifer - 28-12-2002 at 11:48

Here is a good example why need a basic knowledge of chemistry before doing experiments.

I was making an electrolytic sodium perchlorate cell, with an anode of PbO2
And it was running fine for some days
The anode connection was getting hot so I put some silver glue on it.
It worked fine.
This connection was only 1 or 2 cm above the solution.
After I believe a week, I removed the solution and wanted also to clean the anode.
I did this with hot running water.
Suddenly an extremely load bang! And the anode was in thousand of peace’s.

I assume that Silver chlorite (AgClO2) was formed, a very sensitive high explosive.
Luckily, I only had some pain at my ears for rest of the day.

DeusExMachina - 31-12-2002 at 14:02

actually, RogueSci isn't the best place for a newbie. Try TOTSE or Xinventions.

kingspaz - 31-12-2002 at 17:21

roguesci is good for newbies if they don't post. there is a wealth of info in the archives and past posts. the thing with the likes of totse is they will pick up bad habits and learn some wrong facts which could get them killed.

DeusExMachina - 1-1-2003 at 12:03

at totse, though, you actualy learn the basics and see examples of idiots and smart people. I can make a list of all smart people that go to totse and are intelligent. some of those people go to roguesci too. take rat bastard for example or zero or agent boris. I still think it's a very good place to stay.

Iv4 - 28-5-2003 at 23:52

Little of topic I supose but can anyone here give me a SPECIFIC example of how bombshock is K3wl.Less than TOTSE anyday(not trying to start another flame war just saying in terms of numbers due to more enforced banning,usually).

What I think many of you(specifically Rogue sci members)are forgeting that bombshock is NOT a chemistry board but a combat board.The only reason we have an explosive section is to aid general weapons.

I am a member of Rogue now and have made only a few posts,you'r nazi basterds.J/k you have the right to you'r opinion.For contrast compare a few things between bombshock and rogue sci

Weapons section(BS)and enegenreering of RS.

Please see here that we focues on the usage and in no way claim to be scientists(as a board anyway).

HMTD master - 29-5-2003 at 05:43

Well, Bombshock, and totse both have their crappy parts. As with both forums, there are smart people, and there are stupid people, The smart ones make good posts, and provide good information, but the idiots say stupid things, and drag down what people think of the sites. You need to look at the good side of the forums before you decide if it's k3\/\/L. One of the good things about bombshock is that people try to be nice and help people who are genuinely interested, at the E&W forums you get banned for saying stupid things, just because you didn't know better. Bombshock focuses more on the manufacture and such of explosives, the E&W forums go much futher into the workings of the explosive. Both have their good points and their bad points. You make up you're own decision.

Iv4 - 2-6-2003 at 23:27

That's very true(and somewhat my point).What I try to get acros to many people is that EW and BS are diferent catogarys.BS(by it's name alone)is a combat board,explosives are there to fill our charges.That's not true with EW they want to research(and were not nearly as reascist either).Just look at the selection.EW would be one baord a few at best on BS,under explosives.Same goes for BS on EW.

Nick F - 3-6-2003 at 13:32

"and were not nearly as reascist"
"you'r nazi basterds.J/k you have the right to you'r opinion"

Please, get rid of that stereotype. There may be a few racist members, but it is not a racist board. Racism is certainly not encouraged, and is generally not looked upon favourably either.

Iv4 - 5-6-2003 at 01:42

After taking a somewhat I longer look at the board I supose you'r right.I'd love to keep posting there(amb)but my membership seems to be deleted(I belive my posts are still there but it says my username does not exist).I contacted the admin yesterday but not much came of it.Anyways for thos who are interested here's the follow up to my trial(BS speak)eperiment(EW speak) :cool: on NC laquer/AN rocket engines:

Three of the four were killed by some visiting wankers and the fourth exploded.

The engine that remained(the fourth)was put in a PVC pipe of same diamter(aprox 2cm by 10cm)with a 5mm nozel.The ignition was by a stiff piece of NC and black powder(in a light bulb,crapy walkie talkie/9v batery/transister arrangemnt).It did'nt even go up just exploded on the ground.


the timeless - 11-9-2003 at 01:09

Roguesci has simply made just one mistake: It doesn´t accept new members, because there are so much ( maybe too much) old ones. Now the few active members get bored with each other or just grow out of the hobby. So they just have made a miscalculation. This is proved by numerous times of trying to register to roguesci. Me and all my friends think that within a couple of years roguesci will slowly covert to Megalomania´s Controversial Lab& discussion about it -forum.

[Edited on 11-9-2003 by the timeless]

Mumbles - 11-9-2003 at 13:23

It personally took me quite a long time to get registered. Approximatly 4 months. My first attempt, they sent me the e-mail where it says the admins are basically thinking about whether or not to let you join. Then I never got anything after that. Then I made a completely new e-mail address, and I was accepted within like 2 days.

When you click on the register button, does it say we are no longer accepting new members? I see a new member just about everytime I sign in.

Yes Yes!

the timeless - 15-9-2003 at 01:08

Yes, of course you see a new member every time you log in, because they are always shown by the forum software if someone gets registered. OK, my mistake! I should have been more accurate, what I meant was that new members are not granted posting rights, no matter how long a time they wait. I myself have waited for over 1.5 years and so have many of my friends, too. That is what I ment by saying new members are not accepted. They are not given the full rights, and the most important, they cant post.

[Edited on 15-9-2003 by the timeless]

vulture - 15-9-2003 at 07:10

Just a warning for you all; anybody who bashes roguesci or visa versa will have their posts edited.

I'm sick and tired of this who is better crap.

[Edited on 15-9-2003 by vulture]

AngelEyes - 15-9-2003 at 08:11

Nor can you search either. I have been waiting for a long while now and I still can't search or post. After what has been said here I guess I won't be able to either...
I am not that bothered about posting to be honest, but no search facility is quite annoying. Roguesci is a huge archive of useful information and not being able to search it is, unless it's a limitation of the forum software or I am missing something, baffling.

Mumbles - 15-9-2003 at 13:56

Sounds to me like you got registered but not aknowledged(this seems like the right word). This is what happened on my first attempt.

When you fill out the form they send you an e-mail. It goes something like "Dear (Name), Thank you for registering, click the link to activate your membership."

After a week or so they send a second e-mail. It goes "Dear (Name), We have now activated your account at the The Explosives and Weapons Forum. The forums can be found here(link). The following are your login details.

It sounds like you never recieved the second e-mail. I'd recomend creating an entirely new e-mail and attempting again. I can login on the first attempted acount, but it is like you stated. No posting privelages, no search.


the timeless - 16-9-2003 at 01:12

OK! I must try to register again and see if I will have better luck this time. Just like you, I am trying to register mainly just for the ability to search. It really is a good source of information and especially formulas provided by the experienced users are just great. So I guess it is worth just another try.....

[Edited on 16-9-2003 by the timeless]

Iv4 - 18-9-2003 at 08:04

As the embaseder kinda of BS to you your welcoe to stop by.Theres a recruitment capmaign going on now so there are more 'lnew members'.Fuck theres an even a sort of anti elder thingo so if you have any stupid questions you think may cause you to be baned post away.

Incase your wondering what cuased my chane in demaner it was a communcation I received from a higher ranking member at BS.

I know I said it before and all but I'm sorry for calling you RS members Nazi's.