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My electronics/physics lab

magnus454 - 13-3-2012 at 19:47

      Here is where I am at, constructive criticism only please;
    1. Victor high resolution frequency counter .01Hz to 2.4 GHz
    2. Heathkit 10-105 dual trace oscilloscope
    3. Heathkit IM-18 VTVM meter
    4. GC dual polarity power supply 1-35 volts
    5. Heathkit IT-28 magic eye LCR bridge 1-600 volts
    6. Eico 666 transconductance vacuum tube/transistor checker
    7. Heathkit RF signal generator with int/ext audio modulator
    8. Victoreen CDV 717 ion counter
    9. Victoreen CDV 700 r4 Geiger Counter
    10. 2% thorium/tungsten welding rod
    11. Coleman thorium mantle from the 50's
    12. a few americium-242 buttons
    13. 2 stage, 3 cfm vacuum pump capable of 25 microns Hg

    What I should have soon;
  1. Keithly 310B electrometer
  2. Wavetek sweep generator .01 Hz to 11 Mhz

Chemistry/biochemistry side of my lab;
  • 1000ml boiling flask

    1. various distillation columns (packed,valve,etc)
    2. reflux aparatus
    3. meeker burner
    4. bunsen burner
    5. electric hot plate modded with a 2000 watt dimmer control
    6. buchner funnel for vacuum filtration
    7. petri dishes
    8. culture tubes
    9. 2000X monocular microscope
    10. scalples and other dissection tools
    11. saline refractometer
    12. ph meter
    13. hardness meter
    14. spirit thermometers
    15. 15ml 8 tube centrifuge
    16. israeli gas mask with swiss NBC cartridges

    2012-03-08 23.36.23.jpg - 96kB

    Funkerman23 - 14-3-2012 at 14:39

    While I recommend the EIco 666/667 line of testers for their range they are not a real Gm Or Mutual transconductance tester. But then again it is a tester: not an analyzer., Testers are only supposed to give "Good or bad" kind of tests.Aside from that all I can critique is the lack of a good DMM( fluke and the like) for when you work with SS electronics.the 666 tester does have limitations given it's sockets but that can be worked around. as for the rest those are bloody brilliant! you have some excellent bench pieces there.
    are you storing the americium sample in lead pigs bychance?
    and from that pump are you considering making vacuum tubes? If so I have a few links you might like.

    as for the rest I think its better to let the older members speak but I will say one thing: make very sure those new filters are still good and sealed. I would recommend practicing quickly putting the mask on but again there are others who know more on that end.