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Plastic MEKP Resin Rocket Fuel

TheMessenger - 16-5-2012 at 23:06

I was experimenting with MEKP and noticed how it thickened as it dissolved certain types of plastic slightly and it gave me an idea.

MEKP is stable and was used commercially in the past in resins and other things...

Has anyone here ever developed a rocket fuel with MEKP?

My idea is this... Take 50 parts MEKP... Add 20 parts plastic powder, and 30 parts oxidizer. Pour into rocket mold and leave to harden. The plastic should be as MEKP soluable as possible so that it dissolves it and hardens.

If these rockets fail it sure would make for some spectacular CATO's... LoL! As long as there are no airspaces in the composition it shouldn't go high order.

Maybe it would be better to do this with standard APCP epoxy. Then again, scratch that... MEKP is a liquid. It needs to be dissolved into a plastic... Hmmmm... This stuff is a little trickier to make rocket fuel with than Nitroglycerin and NC. Haven't quite worked it out yet.

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hissingnoise - 17-5-2012 at 01:12

I'd say CATOs would be the rule, with any organic peroxide . . .