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Fuse/shock tube igniter design?

Fulmen - 6-7-2012 at 13:19

I'd like to make an igniter for time fuses, and shock tubes as well if possible. Not sure what is needed for reliable ignition of shock tubes, will a rifle primer work?

Anyways, has anybody made anything interesting? I'd like to make it as safe end reliable as possible, I'm thinking of a design where you press a plunger to "cock" a spring and then release the hammer, eliminating a pre-cocked hammer that could go off at the wrong time. I'm kinda halfway there, but it's a bit more complicated than I like so I'm looking for some ideas.

franklyn - 7-7-2012 at 09:17

" Not sure what is needed for reliable ignition of shock tubes, will a rifle primer work ? "

If you can get shock tube you also can get an ignitor. Other wise you're on your own.

See this thread _


dangerous amateur - 7-7-2012 at 12:07

How about a blasting cap and a strip of tape?

Fulmen - 7-7-2012 at 14:36

I'm not talking about detcord but shock-tube (like the nonel-system). I know you can set them off with a 9mm blank, but I don't know what the initiation-requrements really are.

And not to complain Franklyn, but I found your answer quite unnecessary. I think this would be useful information on a general level, regardless of availability or legality. The design is primarily for fuses, but I don't see the problem off making it more versatile if I can.

dangerous amateur - 8-7-2012 at 02:39


I'm not talking about detcord but shock-tube (like the nonel-system)

I was aware of that.

This would be a more elegant way:P

I curious myself, if this stuff is able to ddt alone. A blank cartidge does provide some kind of shock, but you cannot initiate anything with that, except stuff that has some primary explosive character itself.

dann2 - 8-7-2012 at 07:27

Discharging a capacitor charged to a highish voltage should work.

Fulmen - 11-7-2012 at 12:10

I've been wondering about the same thing. But I don't think it's a ddt-effect, you cannot set it off by flame or heat alone. You don't need a primary explosive to initiate detonation, all secondary explosives have some level of shock/impact sensitivity. And RDX is one of the more sensitive ones.

The electric initiator is interesting, don't see why it couldn't be used to ignite fuses as well. But for this project I want a mechanical solution, so unless anybody has any real data on nonel initiation I guess I'll just have to build it and see.