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Reagents for Sale - London

1281371269 - 28-7-2012 at 11:52

Hi all,

After watching my lab equipment and chemical cupboards slowly start to look more and more folorn and dusty, I've decided it's time to get rid of it. It's sad but as I'm now at university studying an unrelated degree, I think it's unlikely I'll have time to get back to it.

I'm going to start with the chemicals and then sort out the equipment after (although if there's anything you're particularly looking for please email me - I have a fume hood and heating mantle along with a whole load of glassware)

There is:

- Ammonia 3.5M, ~3L, HDPE container

- HCl 36% (biostain reagents), 500ml, HDPE container

- HCl 36% AnalR, 100ml, Tinted glass container

- HNO3 Reagent Grade, 500ml black HDPE container - half full

- Br2 water saturated, 200ml, stoppered glass bottle

- H2SO4 98% AnalR, 5L, tinted glass container (~300ml used)

- NaOH flakes, 500g, HDPE plastic tub

- 100ml each of 1M HCl, HNO3, H2SO4

- 7L distilled water, HDPE black container

- H2O2 35%, 100ml

- 1.25 battery acid (H2SO4 37%)

- Universal pH strips 1-14, 8 books (160 strips)

- Cyclohexene, 50ml, tinted glass

- Cyclohexanol, 100ml, tinted glass

- 2ethyl hexanol, 150ml, tinted glass

- Toluene AnalR, 750ml, tinted glass

- Xylene AnalR, 450ml, tinted glass

- Zn powder 500g

- Mg strip 20m

- Mg flakes 400g

- Ag powdered, 25g, high purity (copper 'dropped')

- Eckhart German Al powder, 250g

- Cu powder, 500g

I also have various other reagents such as citric acid, methyl orange indicator, various less pure acids, CuSO4 etc which aren't sellable, so those picking up other chemicals are welcome to take these for free.

Collection is from North London UK - selected items can be posted.

PM me or email (preferred) to *redacted*

Please note that especially with the more hazardous chemicals I will be requesting some personal and contact details along with information on how they are going to be used. If the sale of any of these items is considered inappropriate I request that the topic is taken down immediately and I will donate the stock to my old school lab.

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1281371269 - 2-8-2012 at 01:59

A few more things:

- KI 100g

- KBr ~ 200g

- KBr solution, very nearly saturated, 225ml

- CuSO4, hydrated, 150g

- KMnO4 ~ 75g

- KNO3 ~ 125g

Na2Cr2O7.2H2O 300-350g

The toluene has now been sold.

I have also now drawn up a list of all the glassware and lab equipment which I can email out on request - please PM or email me.

Edit - International postage available for all glassware / lab equipment

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Username - 7-8-2012 at 03:34

I recently bought a number of reagents from Mossy.
He was extremely generous and I was thoroughly satisfied.
I would urge those interested to get in touch with him.