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FS: Barely Used Millipore 300mL fritted funnel, $40 + shipping

querjek - 6-8-2012 at 19:44

Hey there,

For sale is a 300mL fritted glass funnel. It has been used 2 times to separate a precipitate from water. It comes with a brand new pack of filter paper. I am looking for $40 OBO on it. Shipping will be determined via location.

Thanks for looking!

EDIT: Pictures available upon request. I would post one here but I can't get the attachment function to work!

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hissingnoise - 7-8-2012 at 01:13

If it's fritted glass, what's the paper for?

Dr.Bob - 7-8-2012 at 05:08

I think this is what he is talking about, it is a glass fritted membrane filter, designed for use with very fine membrane filters for microfiltration, such as removing viruses and bacteria from water or solvents for biology and HPLC work. Using it with plain paper filters is not common, but can work for some uses. The price is very reasonable.

PS, the photo size has to be below 800 pixels WIDE to be able to post, which is smaller than most photos, unless shrunk a lot. Not sure why the forum software does that, as it makes no sense, since the screen is wider than it is vertical in most cases.

querjek - 7-8-2012 at 21:04

Thanks for the support, Dr. Bob. The link you posted refers to the same funnel I have. It was meant for biological research originally but has applications in pure chemistry as seen fit :D
Quote: Originally posted by hissingnoise  
If it's fritted glass, what's the paper for?

The paper is for individuals who want to get the longest life out of the device. The funnel does not require said extra filter but if one wants to keep the funnel clean, the option will be present (so long as s/he wets it first, anyway).

Trades for most anything are welcome!