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undelivered subscription mail

Polverone - 23-6-2004 at 09:43

I get a lot of undelivered mail sent to my admin contact e-mail account. This is mail that should've gone to board users to inform them that someone has responded to a topic or that a subscribed thread has new posts. Does the thread subscription feature work for anybody, or am I getting *all* of the subscribed-thread mail?

Eliteforum - 23-6-2004 at 12:59

When I get an email telling me there's been a reply to a thread I've subscribed to, I always have to put a "/" in the talk and viewthread part of the URL.

Is this supposed to happen? It's happened ever since I signed up. Other than that, it works fine for me.

Cyrus - 23-6-2004 at 14:55

The response notification works for me, but whenever I click on the link to go to the webpage, that never works. For example...

Eliteforum - 23-6-2004 at 18:41

Cyrus, look at the URL, see the part after!!!viewthread....

Where I put the !!! you need to put a "/" in and then the URL will work.

This was the comment I was making. I don't mind it though, as my notifications get sent to my hotmail account, when I click the link it doesn't open with the gay msn adverts above it.

I just copy/paste add a slash and I'm away. :)

Polverone - 23-6-2004 at 19:23

I have that problem too. Whenever someone reports a post to me, the missing slash strikes. I once tried looking through the PHP to see where the string was being generated, but failed to find the location and correct it.

The_Davster - 23-6-2004 at 22:26

Weird, I thought the subscription feature was something that had not been implimented yet. I have never got an email telling me that something has been replied to. Mabey it has something to do with the fact that after I registered and got my password that hotmail account was allowed to stagnate for a few months and had to be reopened?