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email from idiot

trinitrotoluene - 28-6-2004 at 10:23

I've been getting this strange email, and it may be from a member here? Why email so many people? And this person sent me the email 5 times!

"Subject: Enquiry
To: *email addresses removed*

Hello there,
I would like to know the composition, synthesis and laboratory method
to prepare Novichok, VX, Vx,
Sarin, Soman, Tabun, and related new highly persistent and toxic
chemicals and compounds.
Also, tell me if I mix parathion and DMSO in a container, can I get the
final product is VX agent?
And, tell me whether this parathion is methyl parathion or ethyl

Mail me on:


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froot - 28-6-2004 at 10:56

Give him a bogus synth, buy us and the rest of the world some time. :D

The_Davster - 28-6-2004 at 11:05

I wonder if this guy is for real, an FBI agent checking your capabilities, or just some kewl? Anyway I already responded to "I am a Fish" in his thread on this exact some topic, see my response there.

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vulture - 28-6-2004 at 11:29

This is getting fishy.

I've had a similar thing happen at my dutch board. A member would PM other members (but not post) with the question if they could sell detcord, detonators, RDX, etc...

The dude was VERY persistant.

Anyways, one of the members sold him seven "dets" (PVC tubes filled with sugar and 2 wires :D) for 500€...

I don't like this shit at all.

Said member also described the person as "Al Queada-ish", but that is very subjective ofcourse.

BromicAcid - 28-6-2004 at 18:07

I got 5 of the same e-mails mailed to different people, I just laughed when I read it and hit the delete button.

Quantum - 28-6-2004 at 18:55

Hmm I got one as well. I feel like replying but that may not be a good idea as I said on the other thread. Who knows?

madscientist - 29-6-2004 at 00:21

I wonder if this guy is for real, an FBI agent checking your capabilities, or just some kewl?

No, cops can't scout like that, or even visit message boards to keep tabs on them for that matter - it's illegal.

If_6_was_9 - 29-6-2004 at 08:06

Harish? Is that an Islamic name?

vulture - 29-6-2004 at 11:44


No, cops can't scout like that, or even visit message boards to keep tabs on them for that matter - it's illegal.

Cops usually can't indefinetly detain suspects either, beat the crap out of them, etc but that was all long before 9/11.

Besides, who says it's the cops?

You don't seriously believe the rule of "no covert ops on continental US" still stands after this whole terrorism shit?

What's the OHS for?

madscientist - 29-6-2004 at 12:45

They don't give a shit about people like us. I've been one of the loudest... if they had been watching me, I definitely would not be here anymore.

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Michal - 29-6-2004 at 13:34

Originally posted by If_6_was_9
Harish? Is that an Islamic name?

What is wrong with you ??

You are completly obessed with islam and islamic people ! :o

And please dont spam this thread with crap links again :(

But the emails still are rather strange, why would anybody ask a synth for a nervegas ?
It wouldnt be usefull for kewls, they rather stick to draino bombz :D

Police ? Nah, no point in asking random members.

And why would they aks it in the first place ? With not much effort it can be found in patents etc.

The Ed - 29-6-2004 at 13:35

It's definitely from someone lurking on this forum because I just checked my inbox and I got it too... all five of them.

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vulture - 29-6-2004 at 13:49

Could somebody PM me the X-originating IP from the header?


Thanks Bromic, IP search yields nada though...:(


They don't give a shit about people like us. I've been one of the loudest... if they had been watching me, I definitely would not be here anymore.

Ey? I'm not following you on "one of the loudest"...

Also, one of the ground rules of intelligence is that you don't shut down what you can easily watch.

Disappearing members would get the lot of us paranoid and we'd start using encryption, underground sites, use code, etc...

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raistlin - 29-6-2004 at 15:04

Thats strange... my e-mail was on the list but I never recieved one.. I think my e-mail may be set to only allow requested e-mails and people I have on my contacts list... Ill check, and if it is, Ill change that for a few days... This is deffinetly a bit weird..

tom haggen - 29-6-2004 at 15:10

I hate it when I get emails in that fassion.

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madscientist - 29-6-2004 at 17:39

If people were being watched, they would be getting busted.

And why the hell would covert ops have any interest in us? We aren't exactly a threat to their interests. Anyone who believes themselves to be a serious threat because they've memorized every last word on the forums is being silly and flattering themselves with delusions of attention and importance. Any potential investigation of members of this forum would be a criminal one. There aren't any CIA agents running around here spying on guys goofing off with OTC chems in their garages, setting off explosives in the woods, and spending unusual amounts of time obsessing over chemistry. There's millions of people who are more serious threats to their interests than us.

By "loudest," I was referring to the long revolutionary political rants I used to write and post online, the fact that I introduced a new explosive to the online explosive enthusiast community (liquid MEKP), and my having posted a fair number of photos of glass, experiments, and explosives.

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BromicAcid - 29-6-2004 at 17:43

Exactly, you'd have had to have read and understood each and every thought on the forum to be a serious threat. ;)

If this person frequents the forum and they were being serious I bet they are feeling quite frustrated by now :D

The_Davster - 29-6-2004 at 19:13

I recieved two of these emails. Some program must be sending them out for unknown motives.

*deleted email adresses of other people it was also sent to*

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madscientist - 29-6-2004 at 20:27

Something just occurred to me - spam bots are probably going to pick up the email addresses you guys are posting...

Cyrus - 29-6-2004 at 21:35

Ah, how nice it is not to have given out my email address....:D

Cyrus leans back in easy chair, and takes another sip of pepsi.

Then again, I don't know what I'm missing.

IvX - 29-6-2004 at 23:14

Skinheads,k3wls prolly or something like that.I (belive it or not)got a good few asking me to sell em guided missiles :o

That probably sound sfreaky so the full story is that while on bombshock I posted my take of reverse-engeneering the soviet strela blok and also in a "massive project" talked about guided missiles.

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Michal - 30-6-2004 at 05:04

There is a new thread at roguesci about people getting the same email about VX...

Also some people at the APC forum recieved one.

Stupid cross-emailers ;-)

If_6_was_9 - 30-6-2004 at 11:15

Maybe they're Muslim terrorists.

Esplosivo - 30-6-2004 at 11:33

Originally posted by If_6_was_9
Maybe they're Muslim terrorists.

In which case we should burn the hell out of them. Thou I doubt they are muslims searching for some 'recipies'. Its probably one of those crap mails ;)

unicorn - 30-6-2004 at 11:50

I've had 5 of these sent to me too. I wonder if the 'thing' (whatever/whoever it is) is actually paying attention to any replies. I'd write something sarcastic back if I didn't think it would be a complete waste of time.

People over at E&W are getting these too, there's a thread on it there too. (edit: ah I see that's already been noted, or did I just mis-read that bit about the APC forum?)

Oh and Harish is a popular name in India by the looks of it.

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The Ed - 1-7-2004 at 20:10

On the E&W someone traced the IP address to Bombay, India. I decided to check this out for myself and saw that the IP address of the last email I was sent came from New Delhi, India... so I figured, close enough. Then I checked the IP of the first email I was sent and found out it was from some town in California. I guess this guy is using proxy servers to send each batch of emails?

Nevermore - 21-7-2004 at 15:32

well i got a few messages on aim by a boy that found me on this website, keeps asking me about how to maifacture stuffs, Ap, and so on..
bothered me so much that i had to put in ignore for a while, now is better, he is from turkey..the funny thing is that he keeps asking me stuff like "if i put black powder in a bottle and shake it will explode?" aahah


DNA - 24-7-2004 at 15:24

Hehe, I'm the guy vulture was talking about, selling that idiot 7 blasting caps with sugar inside and 2 wires sticking out of it....LMAO.
I put it all in a anti-elektrostatic baggie, and it looked very professional and all.
And the guy payed me 500 euro's and now just bought me a new digital camera for recording my HE and pyro :D
He was indeed Al-quaida-ish as vulture already sayd, at least I thought he looked like that, he was some kind of person you see daily on the news as arrested for planning an terrorist attack.
He was from Marroco I guess or Turkey...

BTW He didn't have a long beard :P

The_Davster - 24-7-2004 at 17:08

Wouldent it be funny if that guy tried to use the fake caps for a terrorist attack, which would obviously fail. You would be the one person responsible for stoping it.

Feel proud, you may have just stopped a terrorist attack.:P

axehandle - 24-7-2004 at 17:46

Why, oh why oh WHY doesn't this sort of thing ever happen to me??? I could SO use the cash to finance my experiments (and beer)...

Hang-Man - 24-7-2004 at 18:10

Maybe there aren't enough idiots to go around? Nah. ;)

DNA - 26-7-2004 at 23:49

It wasn't quite fun to meet with the guy, it could have been cops (that's the main purpose why I used sugar) and it is a criminal you are dealing wasn't quite the type you want to have problems with...IF he would live near you luckily this person lives FAR FAR away from me and will never find me again lol :P

thalium - 5-11-2004 at 12:12

just ignore the bullshit :P

neutrino - 5-11-2004 at 15:08

As I said before, please refrain from posting if you don't have anything to contribute. Post-whores...