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l0k1 - 26-11-2012 at 11:00

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind that chemistry is the sole topic of this forum. But there is subject areas that are so marginally about chemistry yet are unconventional, such as the chemical effects and various electrostatic and electronic results of pulsed EMF which can be used to impart other effects than simple resistance and capacitance etc to chemical substances.

I was about to post a collection of information about an electromagnetic theory that I am in the process of developing, but there doesn't appear to be a place to put it in here.

I don't mind if this is not a subject area of interest and thus of no need to provide space for, which seems likely, but the various branches of chemistry that are more about physics than chemistry are relevant, such as for example for someone who is researching subjects related to superconductivity and it's effects on materials.

Just a thought, since this is a 'mad scientist' type forum, that there might be scope for people discussing the use of electromagnetic devices that produce specific effects on matter that are of interest. Sonochemistry, photochemistry, electrochemistry, all of these subject areas are as much about physics as chemistry. Some folks reading this may be aware of interesting things like the susceptibility of manganese to infrasound or the effects of electromagnetic resonance upon various salts and other substances, and these novel reaction systems are potentially useful in synthesis, more specifically, to produce effects that are impossible just using for example electrochemistry or thermochemistry principles.

Nicodem - 26-11-2012 at 12:15

The definition for our Miscellaneous forum section says:
"Discuss topics pertaining to mad science that do not fit in the other forums."

l0k1 - 26-11-2012 at 12:17

Ah, thanks. I have something to post there.

IrC - 27-11-2012 at 18:54

You also have the Technochemistry forum.