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Glass Stopper Types

crestind - 7-4-2013 at 21:14

I see that there's hollow and solid stoppers. Am I correct to assume there's no real practical difference, except the solid one being a higher quality and more expensive since there's more glass?

elementcollector1 - 7-4-2013 at 21:30

I haven't yet found a hollow stopper to compare, but I'd assume you're right in essentials. Though, if I had to guess, once that stopper breaks, it's broken into a million pieces.

Endimion17 - 8-4-2013 at 06:25

I can play a larger role with wider joints. Large solid stoppers are heavy.

Dr.Bob - 8-4-2013 at 07:35

No real difference. The hollow ones are mostly the larger ones, like 24/40 and up, as well as #32 and up. But I have seen hollow ones in 14/20 and other small sizes as well.