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The Shulgins need our help.....

solo - 2-6-2013 at 18:24

Uploaded with

.....for those who care ...please read,

and if you wish to help....

.....thank you for caring....solo

The_Davster - 2-6-2013 at 19:56

Money sent.

Not my type of chemistry, but I appreciate his skill.

CaptainOfSmug - 4-6-2013 at 20:38

^ I second the above post.
A truly sobering fact "no retirement plan for wizards"

weldit - 8-6-2013 at 03:28

Money sent
Thank you for bringing this to our attention
We all need to come together to help this great man out who has given so much

cyanureeves - 8-6-2013 at 06:32

wow just saw a video on the guy and had no idea that the term" trip"might have come from tryptamines.i saw quetzocoatl dancing in full color array when "trypping"on dmt and immediately afterwards thought of the mayas and aztecs.i always wondered how or why these people chose bright colors to express things.he said these chemicals were a catalyst to openning a window to something already there.i suck at math but i was totally blown away by seeing geometrical patterns in 3D created in my head and pasted onto my was moi?i always knew i was good at math somehow or somewhere:D. we thought we had the answers,it was the questions we had wrong:P.

mophead - 11-6-2013 at 17:33

Thanks for the heads up solo. I knew there were issues, but lost track for the link Ann had posted some time back on Sasha's health.

If I had it, I'd donate 1.0^7 bucks just to shake the man's hand and hug Ann. Unfortunately, I do not have those resources, but I can cut back on some expenses at home and give something. Something is way better than nothing.

I implore everyone to at least send 5 bucks, Personally, I can send more, but if everyone they have touched, knowing or not, gave $5; They might be ok.

I'll forward this along to other boards...... I frequent very few these days b/c of my work schedule, but still, the community at large *needs* to step up.

Our family decided to take a month break from the TV. ~100 on the way