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Howd u get so smart

g3nius427 - 17-11-2004 at 15:31

What kind of majors did you international hazards choose in college

BromicAcid - 17-11-2004 at 16:45

Chemistry of course ;)

(Chemistry ACS accredited technically) I belive there is a thread floating around here with a background story to sciencemadness along with some of our personal backgrounds, maybe more then one thread on the latter.

Organikum - 17-11-2004 at 21:33

Psychology and sociology.
University not college it was in Europe... :D

Travellar - 8-1-2005 at 09:49

(Aviation Electronics)

After that, I Joined the Navy to be a Firecontrolman. (No, I don't put fires out, I start them, in other locations, via missile and gunfire)
Ironicly, keeping an airplane flying and shhoting one down require the same principles.

JohnWW - 8-1-2005 at 11:29

Chemical engineering. (After a chemistry degree with minors in Maths, Physics). More recently, qualified in Accountancy and Management.

budullewraagh - 9-1-2005 at 05:30

i still have 2 years before college/university:(
i just study books and such

thalium - 9-1-2005 at 06:03

I also have 2 years before university

Hobbit Porn - 9-1-2005 at 22:21

I've changed degrees from Naturopathy, to pharmacology, and am now studying Civil Engineering.

I'm not actually that smart anyway...probably why I haven't got past 2nd year uni...lets hope this year changes that :)