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Universal Joint Connecting?

dorkwad - 6-2-2014 at 02:41

Hi, just wondering if there's any already made way of connecting, say a 24/40 and another size of joint together, or if I could use something unreactive to make a snug fit?

Mailinmypocket - 6-2-2014 at 03:21

These are called enlarging or reducing adapters in glass suppliers catalogs.

Dr.Bob - 6-2-2014 at 07:07

Yes, they make adapters for almost every conceivable joint size to each other, even from taper to spherical joints. Do you have a specific joint size in mind?

dorkwad - 6-2-2014 at 14:58

No i'm misunderstood, im looking for a more DIY kind of application, like for say if the connectors arent measured out to any standard, im thinking of almost a kind of "gluey" substance that could fill the gaps at the joint connection.

If something like this hasnt been made, could anyone suggest a substance that could be used for this that wouldnt react with any organic or inorganic reactions?

Mailinmypocket - 6-2-2014 at 15:52

What temperatures and materials are involved?

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bfesser - 6-2-2014 at 16:02

Quote: Originally posted by dorkwad  
Could anyone suggest a substance that could be used for this that wouldnt react with any organic or inorganic reactions?
No, because that's impossible. Depending on your aplication, you may want to consider trying <a href="viewthread.php?tid=13257">Sugru</a>.

dorkwad - 6-2-2014 at 16:04

Well i guess everything, im making a chemistry set by myself through glassblowing, im just afraid that my molds, even though they will be measured as well as possible, may have some tiny inaccuracies that I'd need to fill in order to keep boiling chemicals from spurting out and such

PeeWee2000 - 6-2-2014 at 16:10

For female joints you could try using some rubber stoppers (I have them easily avalible at my hardware store from tiny to giant) and use a stopper borer then you can connect your glassware with glass tubing in the bored holes and they have premade glassware that goes into bored holes like I'm referring to
But the applications with rubber are pretty limited, basically nothing that involves strong organic solvents or strong acids\bases. To seal and keep things from freezing up I usually use petroleum jelly, or you could try some high vacuum grease if that suits your application better.

As for an improvised way to connect a male joint I dont know any decent ways off the top of my head.

The only "gluey" substance I can think of that might be any use is Silicone, not the best for structure but its got decent chemical resistance and thermal stability and its supposed to adhere to glass decently.

And if youre making your own glassware I believe they sell pre made tapered joints that you can fuse to your glassware, I don't know much about it though youd have to do some more research on it.
Just google your preferred joint size + "glass blowing" and you should find stuff like this.

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zenosx - 6-2-2014 at 16:46

If blowing your own glass I have seen std joints on the end of glass tubing and even plain stopcocks. If you plan to distill acids and such I would look into these. Blow your own containers and attach the joints, anneal then use.

dorkwad - 6-2-2014 at 16:50

Thanks so much PeeWee2000, i had looked a lot for these ebay listings but couldnt find them myself, this is the best possible thing for me to use, really appreciate that!

Also thanks zenosx that's the plan, thanks everybody for helping me figure out this issue!