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Price of a hot plate/stirrer?

gdflp - 4-4-2014 at 18:54

Hi, I am looking to buy a hot plate for my home lab. I don't really have a good feel for how much these go for so I am looking for some advice. Is $200 + shipping a good price for a 10x10 ceramic top Fisher Isotemp hot plate/stirrer? I looked it up and it has a max temp of 540°C and a digital temp readout with a max stir speed of 1200rpm. It looks like this one goes for $950 ish new, but this one is used in fully functioning and clean condition. Thanks in advance.

thesmug - 4-4-2014 at 19:00

:o Yes, I'd say that's an unbelievably excellent deal!

Chemosynthesis - 4-4-2014 at 19:36

Definitely a good price. For comparison, I found a 7x7 model for the same price except free shipping, and it had sold.

chemrox - 5-4-2014 at 08:02

$50 used is a decent price provided its in good working condition. I have a 7x7 I paid a hundred for because it was like new. You shouldn't pay more but you might have to wait. With the depression continuing and labs closing all the time you won't have to wait long.

gdflp - 5-4-2014 at 08:12

$50? What are you talking about? I haven't seen a hot plate/stirrer(Especially a digital one) from a major company go for less than $140 used, and those could barely boil water.

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TheChemiKid - 5-4-2014 at 09:39

Where do you guys see $50?

Ephesian - 5-4-2014 at 09:55

I have 2 corning hot stir plates for sale if anyone is interested

copperastic - 5-4-2014 at 11:31

ephesian for how much? Can I see a picture?

J2xP - 11-4-2014 at 08:23

I have a couple hotplates for sale....couple new ones and one used one. I have one 10x10 and couple 5x7s. PM me for details if interested.