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NSA playing dumb, or playing know it all?

APO - 26-7-2014 at 12:15

So apparently the NSA cracked TOR, but they also say that they have had some success defeating other popular means of privacy such as SSL, and VPN's. That they have specially built decryption computers made for targeting such means of privacy. But, obviously in this day and age you can't trust the government, so how much of this is true? Is it propaganda? Psychological warfare? A publicity stunt? My question, do you think they're playing dumb, or playing know it all? I highly doubt that there's any transparency going on here.

DrAldehyde - 26-7-2014 at 13:30

I think they know it all, but are too dumb to know that.

violet sin - 26-7-2014 at 13:41

probably have the means to do these things, but I bet it is labor intensive and time consuming. so scarring people off these things thinking it's safe, means they won't have soo many to check. but prob also they could see what your doing if they wanted to. just a guess.

arkoma - 26-7-2014 at 14:22

Ronald Reagan convinced the USSR that "Star Wars" was legit. Pile of horse doodie it was. At this point in time the idiots at Ft Meade MAY be able to break whatever they want, individually, but not everything methinks.

"chilling effects"

gregxy - 28-7-2014 at 09:53

To me the most intersting of Snowden's revelations was how many people in the government and corporations (Verizon, ATT, google ...) were in on this spying yet said nothing.

Gag orders work and people do what they are told.

The encryption algorithms are probably secure, the problem is all the other stuff on your computer. Even a Linux install is over 700MB. This stuff is open source but does anyone look at all
of it to make sure there isn't something hidden in there?
(The main spy exe could be hidden as a jif image, then all it
would take is a couple bad lines of source in some utility to run it).

APO - 28-7-2014 at 22:53

Very good point, what would I look for in the linux source code? Always could make an OS from scratch, I've done it with assembly, but I'm not sure how I would go about it with C or C++.