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Making a compression controled Hydraulic Press?

Mickhael - 15-1-2005 at 18:33

I'm wondering if anyone has plans for building a compress at home, I know small 2 ton presses are easily bought at auto shops for $20 or so, could this be mounted upside down, and the compression rate controlled by an electric tire pump or something? In order to compress different materials at certain pressures. Such as for making quality black powder, I've read a compress is needed, although the plans I found are not controllable like I would prefer. Any idea's or plans? I'm hoping to build one this year. Thankyou.

cyclonite4 - 16-1-2005 at 06:15

Here is a plan I stumbled upon while I while i was at E&W:

This one is fairly basic, but the author speaks somewhere on his website about an electrically controlled press that can put fairly large pressures at the press of a button.

Mickhael - 16-1-2005 at 13:00

Ah thankyou, I have heard of that site before, but the refresher look gave me some idea' thankyou indeed, and I will look further into using the torque wrench for compression control :)

cyclonite4 - 17-1-2005 at 03:59

I'm thinking of building one myself and was just wondering (I'm no auto expert :D) whether or not hydraulic jacks are expensive...

I saw one at a garage sale for a few dollars, but I didnt buy it considering the jack was rusted all over.

Mickhael - 17-1-2005 at 09:26

To my knowledge they are dirt cheap, down at several local auto shops, I can buy a 2 ton, with a 1" head for $20 should have no problem getting the same, they are mostly used for jacking small vehicles up to change a tire.

Mr. Wizard - 17-1-2005 at 09:57

Don't buy the 2 ton automotive jacks, for a few dollars more you can get a 12 ton one . Go to your local "Harbor Freight Tools", or you local equivalent, and you can get a much heavier one. You can buy a pre-made press with the jack included "Central Hydraulics" brand for $99. I'm trying to figure out if I can put a gauge on the cylinder pressure to figure the actual pressure.

cyclonite4 - 18-1-2005 at 02:59

12 ton... NICE :D

Even though they can be bought, I would prefer making it, because I enjoy such projects.

EDIT: BTW, I was referring to the pre-made press.

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Mickhael - 18-1-2005 at 12:57

Ya I'm totally doing this as well because I like making my own things, and it makes for more learning and can sometimes be cheaper as well (as long as you don't count the man hours) lol...

Also I don't see the point of buying a 12 ton press...when your only going to use between 2lb and 500lb for most uses....unless your also using it for thick metal pressing....that kind of power is way overkill.

(sorry, meant 500lb not 50lb)

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Mr. Wizard - 18-1-2005 at 13:14

I won't bother with all the uses of a 12 ton press, but if you only need 2 to 50 pounds don't waste your money, just lean on it. As to DIY , making the whole thing does have it's appeal. I have all the tools to make one, but I haven't done it yet, and I'm still deciding if the $60 extra for the whole press is worth the extra cost of driving around and buying, then designing, cutting, drilling, and painting the metal to make it. Never mind, I just decided. ;)

Ref: Pill Press

solo - 18-1-2005 at 13:33

Here is a link to a forum where someone else is trying to do the same thing......solo

cyclonite4 - 19-1-2005 at 00:26

I'm gonna build it myself not only for the fun, but because I trust and like my creations better than the commerical versions.

Ok...just to clarify...

Mickhael - 19-1-2005 at 00:37

Wizard...I appreciate the thoughts, and I agree that for the trouble, if your not into building your own, buying is the solution. However not only do I want an adjustable press, I do not want to be "leaning over/on" what I am pressing...I want to be a damn good distance away...if you catch my drift. And the ability to exactly control the compression is quite important to my mind...and overkill is not a good thing, but neither is to little...hence the "low, controled compression".

Auto-stop hydraulic press

trilobite - 20-1-2005 at 06:35

These guys use a hydraulic press with an adjustable torque wrench, all something you can get at a hardware store. I think the PDF is missing an image of the actual press, I can scan the hardcopy version if needed.

A Low-Cost Auto-Stop Hydraulic Press for Making KBr Disc
Journal of Chemical Education 75, 629 (1998)

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