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New chemistry forum for Hive Bees

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Primathon - 13-10-2005 at 16:39

Yeah, it's dead. For how long? Who knows. There's other plans in the works, though... <insert evil grin here>

solo - 13-10-2005 at 18:25

I guess synth shut the forum down because he's going on a vacation......solo


10-03-2005, 08:34 AM #1

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Coffeeshop Etiquette
Has anyone got any tips for Coffeeshop etiquette?

Im traveling to the Netherlands for the first time and whilst im not going there just to get stoned im definately going to be checking out a few coffeeshops. read in '

solo - 15-11-2005 at 19:55

"Ä new day for synthetikal-Freedom" say the portals of the now returned from hidding synthetika(hellman) and in his post he clearly states his position .....


I own the site
I created the site
I own the domain name

I guarentee that there are no other forces lurking around this site, in a position of power that can either see your IP address, or infringe on your privacy in any way.

That is all for now,
So any negaitive or aggressive comments, say good bye,. , freedom of what ? say anything negative about the forum (synthetika) and you're out, ask joe aldehyde as he said something that synth felt offensive and he's on his way out.......

It's sad to see the level this forum has gone all due to synth and his the premise was to work together and keep everyone informed .....but he failed on his promise and everything came tumbling down.....

Now he's doing it again with his zero tolerance to any negative comments about him sad,...................solo

Blind Angel - 15-11-2005 at 20:27

I still don't understand how come there are still ppl there, why don't you (the great one if I may call you) simply ditch it there, he'll be left with a k3wlish userbase and he'll die by himself. All this interest that we focus on this guy help him live, just ignore him and try starting something else, or anything to get rid of him.

He's becoming the "I have a drug chemistry forum so I'm a drug lord" or something, let the lord rule alone

S.C. Wack - 16-3-2006 at 17:37

I see that it is moving to First hellman uses Shulgin's image in the original logo. Then he uses part of the hive (not complaining). Then he uses Strike's bee in the new logo. Now he uses the title of Strike's books for his site.


TaurineMonster - 17-3-2006 at 00:14

yeah, was thinking that earlier today...

He's gone bonkers:o

solo - 17-3-2006 at 09:22

Other posters feel outraged at Hellman's exploits.....solo

(taken from synthetikal forum)

Try Zynthesis instead of Strike's book title

Fri Mar 17, 2006 10:41 pm
Why can't you be original ....that's the name of Strike's book, you seem to exploit everyone ....Shulgin's picture, the Hive files, Rhodium, the founding members.....hellman why are you such a crum?.............guess


MadHatter - 21-3-2006 at 15:06

I just went to The account has been suspended.
No explanation is given why but I suspect the bills haven't been paid.

solo - 21-3-2006 at 15:15

The * moved his forum to ........solo

[Edited on 22-3-2006 by solo]

BetaBee - 22-3-2006 at 10:07

He is going to start charging people for downloading videos so that the person who made them will get money!! Are you fuckin kidding me! This guy is crazy. I thought this was all about spreading of information.....aarrghhhhhh. I would not be so pissed off if i didn't believe that the site started out with good intentions and direction, and not to mention some great members. But this is bullshit now.

I started posting over there to get some things cleared up, but the gestapo reigned down.

He says that it is about making compunds not drugs. Who are you trying to fool? What has worked great for sites like this is that the money and the information were separate and hard for the po po to crack down on. There are already people posting over there about ice etc....come on.

I've lurked here for a while, and i wish my first post was more positive, but .......Hi.

S.C. Wack - 22-3-2006 at 13:32

Well, video is a lot of bandwidth. This means costs.

Good to see hellman/syn using a spellchecker now. I wish him the best of luck with his shiny new site.

Has syn made any promises not to use adsense or whatever (now that he has a new site, maybe he can get a new account) to enrich him personally? Not that I would suggest that he would ever do anything like build up a site from others' work, and then try to retire with the income. Oh, wait, actually he said that was his dream.

Hopefully he has at least been cured of his Bush-like habit of denying everything, and of seeing AU commandos breaking in and taking down synthetikal.

When I first got home internet access 26 months ago, I found Rhodium within minutes, and noticed Strike's Total Synthesis bee on top. Recognized it from the book and clicked on it. This is how I found the Hive. I say this because yesterday I checked out the Erowid Rhodium archive, and decided to see what the bee linked to. Synthetikal! Those newer to the net are so lost on what happened here.

daeron - 23-3-2006 at 07:13

um guys i think he really lost it, i mean nuttybin lost it. for one look at his sig for farks sake:
On a mad member banning rampage, I might even bann myself if my posts fall below a certain scientific level, so you better make sure that you don't post any crap, You have all been warned, Moderators please help me.....

and than he, lol, even has the nerve, lol, to ask for, LOL MORE MONEY.ROTFLMAO

hes definately in the la-la-land, what kind of demented fuck do you have to be to have any lack of respect for your former admin, who may be this or that, but who created you you dumb fuck. total synthesis? seesh.

as far as i am concerned ive thrown the towel, and have nothing to do with the dreaming, and all the shit that poured after the hive, all the accusations, arrests, wannabee sites, scams, madeup "LE the scarecrow" stories, server outages, the greedy little sucumbag n00bs, the new kind of stinky n00bs-the "i wanna bee famous so ill post bullshit" n00bs, all the lyin, greed and backstabbin

well fuck it all. fuck THEM all.

BetaBee - 23-3-2006 at 15:15

This shit is soooo funny. It's like watching the unpopular kid in grade school kick out the "too cool" dungoens and dragons kids out of his DnD world. We're all big dorks here, but this guy takes the cake; he can't even manage online relationships with people. Go figure.

S.C. Wack - 24-3-2006 at 02:35

Oops...actually he does admit that he is doing this for the google cash again:

Kemi - 25-3-2006 at 22:19

I enjoyed my time at drugs-forum, but it isn't geared toward chemistry as a primary objective. I also feel the method in which they judge people is flawed and is swamped with many drug consumers with little to offer in the realm of chemisty.

I think I will fit in nicely here, and in the near future will have some very prized info to share with the users here, with LSD and DMT being the main concentration.

Till that time, I will contribute as time allows.

Thanks. :)


Vitus_Verdegast - 8-4-2006 at 12:15

We have no connection to the Hive, Synthetikal, Rhodium or any other quasi legal site.


This is a clinical scientific preparative website, any bullshit of any kind will not be tolerated


Do not...

1) slander site in any way
2) Glorify drugs, of any kind
3) post any aggression, sarcastic remarks that may offend anyone
4) Complain about the site,
5) Talk about the manufacture of any ilicit substance
6) link or talk about sites that contravene the law.
6) Be mean to new members, or any member.

My diagnosis:
Irreversible degeneration of the pre-frontal cortex.
Highly medicated incarceration in a state zoological facility is advised.


MadHatter - 8-4-2006 at 13:25

You mean I can't be Hannibal Lector ? Aw, they take the fun out posting on sites run by
jackasses ! Shame ! Shame ! Shame ! :D

Sandmeyer - 8-4-2006 at 13:47


Site Admin

Joined: 20 Mar 2006
Posts: 52

Posted: Thu Mar 23, 2006 12:57 am Post subject: Acceptable posts i n the scientific chat room


All members must remember that this is a totally differnt forum to the hive, and even synthetikal.

We will be recieving funding from google eventually, so this will stop members having to contribute financially to support the site,.

Google has robots that go through the site, and hence give it a rating,.
Synthetikal got an incredibly bad rating with google, being called 'Glorification of you know what'.
So to enable us to 1) get funding, 2) have a labware auction site, all posts, even in the chat room need to be within acceptable boundries,.

Not Acceptable

Mentioning of controversial sites (Hive, (You broke rule 6), D.F, etc)
Discussion and glorification of illicit substances
Vindictive comments directed to this site, or members
Complaints about any members, and personal slander
(these can be directed to moderators or admins, who will take action)
Trouble Makers

this list will grow over time...

This site is to benefit us all, and we have no time for ex members who want to stir trouble, instead they can re-apply, and we can all live happily

There is no reason for any aggression posted here, or unacceptable posts, doing so will only make it harder to become a member,

I don't want to put month long restrictions on posting for new members, unless I am forced to, the rules are very clear, and people wishing to upset the balance, should go to other websites

If you are a moderator then you have a duty to uphold, and that is re-inforcing our rules, and deleting, or editing posts that contravene our ethos.

25 kg cheap Chinese haloperidol wanted... (urgent)

Vitus_Verdegast - 8-4-2006 at 14:29

Also note:

If you use anon proxies, we will ban them, along with your Ip suffixes,.

Hellman (syn) wants to be legitimate with his forum so he decides to take the ol' jackboots out of the closet.

It's like spraying "Chanel no. 5" on a skunk and expecting a good result.

also check:

Unless one of our members wants to make a rather large $10K or $20K donation then we can be a membership or NON public site and we can say whatever the fuck we want.

yeah right...
is heavily censored, but then the powers-that-be suggest the poster should have:

open a thread in the organic section (L-Z) with the heading Trimethoxyamphetamine (TMA)
Then ask the question in a more clinical form, like,
Is TMB used to synthetically prepare TMA, etc,.

Isn't Rule #5: "Talk about illicit drugs of any kind and the manufacture of it "? :D
Both 3,4,5- and 2,4,5-trimethoxyamphetamine are controlled substances in many countries. Some of these countries have analog laws too making all positional isomers illegal if they are pharmacologically active.

Quote Hellman : "This is not a drug website, we abide by the relevant laws in your country "

[Edited on 8-4-2006 by Vitus_Verdegast]


Vitus_Verdegast - 8-4-2006 at 15:00

On second thought...

Maybe we have been to negative in our views?

Maybe we are just being Miesmacher und Kritikaster?

We ought to be more helpful!:D Let's ask some legitimate respectable "clinical" institutions if they would be willing to assist in achieving its goal? :P

Suggestions are,,, ... Who knows, maybe they are willing to offer the needed funding? :D:D

Sergei_Eisenstein - 8-4-2006 at 15:21

I took a look at that website and it looks too bad to be true. What disturbs me most about this project is that some haldolized person - in the name of OUR rights - is running this mumbojumbo website. It's this kind of morons, the people that abuse rights for their own fame and profit, that are a threat to our rights. Especially the rule already quoted by Vitus_Verdegast is a true gem of total madness:

"This is not a drug website, we abide by the relevant laws in your country"

No kidding man! I'm sure the laws relevant for the subject are the same all over the world! The aforementioned pictures and the haldolized methamphetamine-laced speeches on that board reminded me of a picture we have to deal with quite a lot lately.

I have browsed a bit through the chemistry sections, and does it suck... Is there also a right for free misinformation and freedom of lying?

Sandmeyer - 8-4-2006 at 17:53


"This is not a drug website, we abide by the relevant laws in your country"

Suppose I live in Cuba, by merely having a website he violates the law in "my" country.

He tries so hard to set up a working money generator with all kinds of really stupid "ideas". Just when you think the bottom has been reached it keeps sinking. It is a sinking ship.

[Edited on 9-4-2006 by Sandmeyer]

praseodym - 8-4-2006 at 18:49

Aber du bist ein Deutsche :P

[Edited on 9-4-2006 by praseodym]

Sergei_Eisenstein - 9-4-2006 at 00:30

Originally posted by Sandmeyer

He tries so hard to set up a working money generator with all kinds of really stupid "ideas". Just when you think the bottom has been reached it keeps sinking. It is a sinking ship.

This is yet another mystery that can be solved by the Vitus equation:

The more you think the bottom of his stupidity has been reached (x approaching 0), a new dimension of even deeper stupidity is discovered. This makes that he equals minus infinity.

I truly see the universality of this equation now.

[Edited on 9-4-2006 by Sergei_Eisenstein]

Vitus_Verdegast - 9-4-2006 at 08:02

hehe :) "The Vitus equation", it has a nice ring to it ;)
EDIT: LOL!!! Another proof of the viablility of the equation!
Look at this:
From the admin of a (clinical straight white-collared) -> chemistry <- forum! Santé!!!:o:o

You know what they say. Even if a chimp wears a golden ring, it still remains a chimp.

Here is a new logo I propose for It might be more appropriate then the one presently in use :D :

[Edited on 9-4-2006 by Vitus_Verdegast]

[Edited on 9-4-2006 by Vitus_Verdegast]

solo - 30-4-2006 at 16:42

I've monitored the site along with synthetikal and both are dead, occasional post and at total-synthesis all I see is moderators and administrators posting ....synth's plan isn't working but when your premise is less tha honorable the outcome is no surprise........solo

Sandmeyer - 30-4-2006 at 16:58

I mean even if we put the profit motiv aside, the forum is complaty ilogicall, you must be in a meth psychosis in order to understand it. Funny you mention it, it seems there are more moderators than posts... LOL!

[Edited on 1-5-2006 by Sandmeyer]

Quantum - 30-4-2006 at 19:19

Well I understand the "between the lines" part just fine and I have never used meth in my life.

But the rule when they ban annon IPs.. That is a deal breaker. What if I want to use Tor or something like that?

Instead of all this idiotic bushbeating they(and some of us) should just use Freenet to make a little forum that is clear while still being scientific.

I mean at some point you make a forum so straightlaced that you might as well just read journal articles and if you do that then why do you need a forum?(For their purposes I mean) Here we like to share and chat where they want the $

Total Synthesis

MadHatter - 6-6-2006 at 18:04

More like TOTAL BULLSHIT ! I just went over there to check on the lunatics. They must be in
a member banning spree or decided to clean the slate. I couldn't even get in with my login
information. Got by the molecule ID check easy enough. It's 2-methyl-propane, but can't login.
Last time it was toluene. Oh, well, another Hellman attempt likely to end up in failure.

solo - 6-6-2006 at 18:11

MadHatter.....use 2methylpropane for the name and the password......sort of dumb what goes on there.....but that's Helllman or whomever he claims to be these days as he now denies being figure.....solo

Vitus_Verdegast - 10-6-2006 at 09:55

I figure a good deal of the members there are actually alter egos of Heilmann.

Oh well, don't expect anything better from the hands of a degenerate opiate abuser.

[Edited on 10-6-2006 by Vitus_Verdegast]

Lack Of Information

MadHatter - 10-6-2006 at 11:42

Solo, that worked. Thanks ! That site doesn't contain enough information to warrant
serious consideration. Given the amount of time it's been up, if there were enough
people interested, it should have grown by now. More people contributed to my
FTP in less time. Sounds like, Hellman, or whatever he is, has alienated most of the
community. He wants to charge money at the same time he's editing out so-called
"banned" websites. Now how are we supposed to know which sites are banned ?
I don't see a list anywhere.

I'll never charge for the FTP - information is meant to be FREE !


MadHatter - 22-6-2006 at 10:33

Nothing's changed over there except the molecule you have to indentify: safrole

solo - 22-6-2006 at 11:15

I think if you had to count the number of posts between total-synthesis and synthetikal their upper limit is less than 10 between the two in a good day.......solo

cbfull - 24-6-2006 at 23:08

What has gotten everyone so terrified just to access information, whether it is about drugs, explosives, cat wormer...

I just cannot believe that reading a website that happens to describe how these things are made makes anyone a criminal. Can anyone truly verify this? Sounds a lot like fascism.

From my personal experience, I enjoy researching current trends in society, even when it comes to something both controversial AND illegal. What warrant could a police officer get to raid a home just because someone was reading it, even if they have been reading everday for months on end. Knowing how all this basement and barn junk is being made is very important for getting a clearer picture of the problem. I also want to tell people what smells could indicate that their neighbor is doing some very sloppy and dangerous (possibly illegal chemical experiments). This presents some very serious risks to you and your property, and perhaps your family.

I encourage people to ask me questions about chemistry of any nature, including drugs, how these tweakers are making it in their basements, and the biggest question I hear is, "Why do these meth labs keep blowing up?" It took me a lot of digging, but I could only conclude that it is a combination of several dangers that leads to the explosions, and sealing themselves in with all those chemical vapors building up seems likely, but I am getting off topic.

Sergei_Eisenstein - 25-6-2006 at 07:14

"Why do these meth labs keep blowing up?"

That question is easy to answer :D:D:D When you read a forum like sciencemadness, you notice that many experimentalists here want to know what they are doing. They want to travel over possibly hazardous routes, but because they are interested in much of the chemistry happening and are also aware of certain complications, they can also take the necessary precautions. It's a different story for the average meth-entalist, who is primarily interested in producing meth and not in the chemistry involved. For instance, I have never read about the exotic chemical HCI on this forum, but it's an extremely important ingredient (sic) for many of the dope manufacturers. Not knowing what you're doing when working with chemical substances is a hazard, and even more when you don't have a chemical background. Personally, I'd feel safer with a sciencemadness maniac as a neighbour rather than the average meth maker (but I admit I'm not without bias).

cbfull - 25-6-2006 at 17:05

That makes sense. I thought maybe there was something very specific, like a part of the reaction tends to runaway or something like that. It's more related to a lack of concern for the actual hazards involved and an intense desire for product. It's too bad that harsh drugs have so much stygma that people are AFRAID to know what's going on. We have politics and propaganda to thank for that.

Vitus_Verdegast - 29-6-2006 at 17:08

The "something very specific" part you're thinking of is probably phosphine generation from, IIRC, overheating the ephedrine/phosphorous/iodine mixture. Phosphine is quite poisonous and also tends to spontaneously ignite in contact with air.

But Sergei's point certainly makes sense. Someone that doesn't have a clue of what he is doing doesn't need to reach that phosphine stage at all in order to bring serious injury to himself or others.

Not surprisingly the Darwin Awards have laureated such a person with a Honourable Mention two years ago:

MadHatter - 29-6-2006 at 23:27

Cbfull, where that website is concerned, it's not fear but derision for the jackass who
runs it. I look in from time to time but very few posts exist because the sleaze wants to
charge people for uploading videos and such. In other words, he's in it for the money.

Nicodem - 4-7-2006 at 13:39

Seams like someone wrote a Wikipedia article about The (late) Hive:

The only thing I really don't like there is the definition that it served for "manufacturing illegal drugs" and that Rhodium's archive contained "illegal drug synthesis information". There were several members who did not care about illegal drugs and only synthesized the legal ones (or mostly only legal drugs :)). I belive there was just about to become trendy to avoid scheduled drugs, so such definition of the forum is perhaps a bit offensive to some. There is also not a single mention that it was far the best forum for organic synthesis related discusions and great for exchanging ideas. :P

neutrino - 4-7-2006 at 16:40

If you want to fix the article, go ahead. That's the whole point of a wiki.

Polverone - 4-7-2006 at 16:54

I'm working on an expansion/correction for the article. What year did the Hive first start? I want to say it was 1998 or 1999, but I'm not sure. Did Rhodium become chief bee right after Strike's departure, or was there interim management? Well, I'll toss in my edits and then I hope people can tell me what I've done wrong or omitted.

Edit: I feel like last sentence of paragraph 1 should be dropped, as should the mention of having Total Synthesis and Sources. The first one seems out of place in an informational article, and the second one seems unnecessary and impedes the flow of ideas. I didn't edit them out because I didn't want to step on their authors' toes, though...

I feel like a more proper Hive article would include or spawn separate articles on clandestine chemistry, earlier history of online drug synthesis discussion (Usenet, Hyperreal, probably others), and go in to more detail about the management, members, and culture of the Hive.

[Edited on 7-5-2006 by Polverone]

leu - 4-7-2006 at 17:15

These two old threads should answer many of your questions :D

Attachment: The History of the (62kB)
This file has been downloaded 1252 times

legit meth manufacture

Elawr - 4-7-2006 at 18:49

As far as I am aware, the only legit US source for methamphetamine is the medication Desoxyn supplied by Abbott Laboratories as the hydrochloride in 5 mg capsules (NDC 0074-3377-04). My question is this: How does Abbott manufacture this product? I am simply curious; This is a molecule that can be created from various precursors by way of many different synthetic pathways. Methamphetamine has been prescribed medically as a Schedule II anorectic for decades, but I'd not be suprised if Abbott dropped it, what with all the notoriety associated with its illegal use. I just wondered how the big boys cooked up their stuff - I suppose I could just call up Abbott Labs and ask, but I doubt I'd get any kind of straight answer!

leu - 4-7-2006 at 19:05

How does Abbott manufacture this product?

A search of the USPTO archives for old patents filed by Abbot could answer your question :D Alternatively one could ask Aurelius, who's already done that job :P

[Edited on 5-7-2006 by leu]

Sergei_Eisenstein - 5-7-2006 at 11:44

A search of the USPTO archives for old patents filed by Abbot could answer your question :D Alternatively one could ask Aurelius, who's already done that job :P

Thousands of workers getting the red phosphorus out of millions of matchbox strikers, and a few thousand workers more to extract psuedoephedrine from billions of pills. These days, most jobs are occupied by Mexican immigrants. Abbott's main plant is in Wacko, Texas.

Elawr - 5-7-2006 at 13:53

Thousands of workers getting the red phosphorus out of millions of matchbox strikers, and a few thousand workers more to extract psuedoephedrine from billions of pills. These days, most jobs are occupied by Mexican immigrants. Abbott's main plant is in Wacko, Texas.

ROFLOL!......F***ing illegal alien meth-heads!

leu - 5-7-2006 at 16:20

Very funny for a whimsical response, the truth of the matter is that a rather noted author of textbooks on catalytic hydrogenation; namely Morris Freifelder was the scientist in charge of catalytic hydrogenation at Abbott Laboratories for many years :P

[Edited on 6-7-2006 by leu]


hedron - 25-10-2006 at 03:28

I've am sick to death of syn and his fucking ravings,.

I am an ISP owner, who is his second year chemical engineering course student.

I am prepared to join, only with ORG, SOLO, hazbeen are involved in management.

I have the man power to extract all relevant files fom the net, scoop them up and form the best ficking website ever,.

I want us all to be home again, and to remake a new home for us all,.

I want the best security/ and no compromise.
Interested parties contact me, and we'll get this bastard going.

I cannot believe that this has not been done before,.
Org's ideas are great, and so are solo's,.

If we have a place that banns syn, then all the good chemsits will come back, and we all can have a stable place,.

I am prepared to work with whoever to get this done without syn!
THat little fukstick needs to be brought to his knees.

I have been around for about 5 years, and have never felt more strongly about this.

I will provide 100gb right now. if org , solo, hazbeen, and vit get involved.

Nicodem - 25-10-2006 at 07:29

Anybody referring Hellman before offering server space and the management of a "new" forum to replace Synthetikal is doomed to live under the shadow of suspicion of being just another Hellman's incarnation. And if in addition he also uses Hellman's characteristic writing stile, he will sure as hell raise such suspicion sky high. But I'm just a paranoid freak being suspicious even of my self, so let us first hear more about your idea.

When you think it can not get any worse and then you see this:

Shop, sell or create what's on your mind

So what other humiliation is next?

Sergei_Eisenstein - 25-10-2006 at 10:08

So what other humiliation is next? - They sell 'my first drug synthesis' chemistry sets with a picture of Albert Hofmann on the cover. The box of ephedrine pills has a picture of Alexander Shulgin and the matchboxes have a picture of the Mexican flag. Included in the box is a paper with the text of the Meth-song. There is also a limited edition set available that includes a CD with hip hop remixes from Borodin's Prince Igor. There is also a numbered (100) ultralimited edition that includes a hip T-Shirt with "I LOVE METH" in front and "FUCK THE DEA" at the back.


hedron - 25-10-2006 at 13:28


Sorry, I think you are a bit too paranoid,.

My offer still stands, but it would proabaly be best if we got off to a good start, not a paranoid one,.

I think you have Hellman Fever, don't worry, it subsides,.

I am a busy man, and I have not got time to hang around with kids,.
We either make the forum, or I am back to lurking,.

P.s. from what I can tell, Hellman & Syn may not necessarly be the same person,
Just my 2 cents,
I can't stand Syn, but when java told us that Syn was hellman, that kinda made sence,.
But now I am not sure,.

I have a feeling that his website site will not work, by your response,.

My offer was to give you guys what you always wanted, another HIVE, not synthetikal.

The only reason I mentioned this is that, my business partner bought into an ISP just recently,.

But if your going to call me Hellman now, I really don;t think that I would want to give such an amount of help your way,.

Anyway, I am more interested in what Org, And Solo have to say, as I have been following the threads, and it seems that these members have been treated the worst by Synthetikal and his merry men.

Either I give the space to org and java, or you can just use it to make Sciencemaddness a better place,.

Time is of the essence though, we need to finalise this within 2 months, as I fear all the server will be commisioned by other vendors.


S.C. Wack - 25-10-2006 at 15:22

Pathetic. Let it go.

Nicodem is not paranoid, unless paranoid means able to see the obvious.

Organikum - 26-10-2006 at 14:16

I can't stand Syn, but when java told us that Syn was hellman, that kinda made sence,.
Hey "Hedron" you have the same kind of dyslexia as Hellman?

solo - 26-10-2006 at 16:23

Hedron.....makes this comment,

Anyway, I am more interested in what Org, And Solo have to say, as I have been following the threads, and it seems that these members have been treated the worst by Synthetikal and his merry men.

Either I give the space to org and java, or you can just use it to make Sciencemaddness a better place,. far as I'm (java/solo] concern you can do just that donate it to sciencemadness , I'm through trying to make something that can' t be,The-Hive, and trusting people with such few values as (syn/hellman whoever he is ) ....grateful for the offer but no thank you..............solo/java

hedron - 26-10-2006 at 16:59


I am really not Syn or hellman:
Just a long time lurker/ infrequent poster.

Thanks Java,

I would like to donate the space to whatever cause,.
Mr wack, Nicodem is wrong,- Can I make it any clearer.

Mr wack, didn't you also think that primathon was Syn?
Trust YOUR instincts, not your Bum buddys,
I really trust nicodem too, I mean even though I have never met him, I still like sticking up for him, because when in a group situation, it is important, to follow the rules.

Anyway, I would like to doante the space, and put and end to this whole Syn Fever thing.

I bet you that if he ha read this thread, that it would only make him feel special.

Me thinks it isnot good idea to idolise this guy, there are much better things to do,.

Thanks java/ at least you know i not hellman.


hedron also wants to know if it is not too much trouble. One question/please

I want to tear down Syn's world, does any bee know how the synthetika/hellman connection was made,?

Me thinks this would be good for book I am writing.
I want to see in writing if possible, where Syn loses it, and admits he is hellman?.

[Edited on 27-10-2006 by hedron]

hedron - 26-10-2006 at 17:05

I would be happy to donate the space to sciencemaddness,

Just let me know how much you want,?

I think java you should not give up on dream/
Maybee ORGY, and you can work something out,.

If syn can do it, I bet you guys would do it even better,.


Polverone - 26-10-2006 at 17:46

Do you realize that moderators can see what ISP you are posting from (not that any additional clues are really needed in this case)?

Nicodem - 27-10-2006 at 01:01

Damn! I wished so hard to be paranoid. :P

solo - 28-10-2006 at 10:32

Ouch....someone got upset by recent turn of events.....and so without further a-due. the next chapter of this saga.........solo


Synthetikal is about to evolve....(the new intro to the forum)

Site Admin
Joined: 05 Feb 2005
Posts: 51

PostPosted: Fri Oct 27, 2006 12:35 am Post subject: Super important - hive/rhod files Reply with quote
Hive and Rhodium files have been uploaded.!!!

But there is a problem,.

Due to the social bullying and completely false slander at W.D and science madness,.
I am reluctant to give some members access to such files,.

What I want, is all the relevant posts removed from the above two places,.
Anything mentioning Synthetikal needs to be removed,(I don't care about the hellman stuff, as this is clearly not me)

When this is done I will create the link, and you all will once agin have access to those precious files,.

Don;t forget without you guys as members, those forums will cease to exist, and since they are hosting slander and lies about me, then I suggest you all do what you can to get them removed,.
Partition sciencemadness and W.d. and the files will be back,.

If this cannot be done, I will have no choice but to dump these files at and charge all members a small fee to disencourage all those out there that want to hurt me,.

You all have the power to do this, and I hope that this can be done,.

If all this fails, I will then only give out access to members that I 0personally know and trust, and have a track record of at least 6 months at

I was just appalled at the hurtfull posts that those guys have made,.

That is all,
Syn out,.

Also I will lock the ftp, untill these things are done,.

I am very sorry to do this, but I am a living human being, and am sick and tired of these rouge idiots,.



.....................he's the only one posting , the human being ....... also he mistakes rouge, probably the color of his face right now, for rogue whom he tries to label opposition......................solo

[Edited on 28-10-2006 by solo]

transformer - 28-10-2006 at 10:52

Normally i would not even consider to reply but this does it... that synthetikal person who-ever he is is just too disgusting to bare and i hope noone will be tricked into his bullshit whatever positive things it might produce along the side.

Lets get the old Hive server running again.



[Edited on 28-10-2006 by samsung]

Sergei_Eisenstein - 28-10-2006 at 16:49

I liked Pathetikal more :D

Nicodem - 29-10-2006 at 11:13

Originally posted by hedron
I want to tear down Syn's world, does any bee know how the synthetika/hellman connection was made,?

Me thinks this would be good for book I am writing.

Well, if you insist. Here is some evidence for you. Actually just about any Hellman's old Hive post would do, but I've arbitrarily chosen these two picturesque examples:
09-09-99 10:30 PM
Good Advice,.
On the other hand, to post here you must understand the consequences and take adequate security measures to maintain your anonyminity. Once you've done that it really doesn't matter a whole lot on what anybody says, If he is a cop, He's done me proud and the hive,. no -one ever knows for sure. Information is king here, the medium for which it gets here, should always be treated as if it is suspect.

Reborn,remade, re-encrypted

04-28-03 05:20
No 429884
thankyou all!

Thankyou all very much,
Ever heard of the thin threads theory,?
It's like when you focus your mind on something that you really want, and almost as if from no-where, you find that item in the next week by serendipity,.
It's like your mind has these invisible feelers operating on an unconcious level, attracting these things that you really want,.

I guess we don't really need a calligraphy expertise on this one, don't we? Recognizing such style is just as simple as recognizing a face.
Originally posted by hedron
I want to see in writing if possible, where Syn loses it, and admits he is hellman?.

I think the guy behind these usernames lost it long ago and he hardly knows which personality he has, if any at all. Honestly speaking, admitting is unnecessary for us, but might help himself.

PS: Hedron, good luck with writting the book of your life.

back n for solo

popi - 14-12-2013 at 17:12

Well I'm back from the dead again...and here I am on this old thread.!Solo is good for info right,remember the java files ?Well don't lock the info;and let it out if still it's there?Is the hive back,wetd's still wet or what/?I have had no info since June 2012

solo - 14-12-2013 at 17:32

Quote: Originally posted by popi  
Well I'm back from the dead again...and here I am on this old thread.!Solo is good for info right,remember the java files ?Well don't lock the info;and let it out if still it's there?Is the hive back,wetd's still wet or what/?I have had no info since June 2012!....back for another round?....Hive not back, WD split into two forums..... for the java files....the files are all over 5-6 forums as well as here ...not gone just got larger over the is that steak and your autobiography...sell many copies?....solo

[Edited on 15-12-2013 by solo]

thebean - 14-12-2013 at 17:38

What is the Hive? I hear about it with some frequency but I don't know about it. It seems very secretive, should I not be asking questions?

solo - 14-12-2013 at 17:49

Quote: Originally posted by thebean  
What is the Hive? I hear about it with some frequency but I don't know about it. It seems very secretive, should I not be asking questions?

.....long something about it here,

.....and read a partial list of some of the great themes of the day here.... was the best time for organic chemistry......solo

synthetikal - 30-11-2019 at 01:11


Wow, I never really had the time to read this thread, until today.
God, like 14 years after.

Did not know I was this famous.
And I still see the site archived everywhere, well, your Welcome.

But really you can thank Organikum, as he leaked it to me, and told me not to tell anyone.
Even after the Hellman revelation. He would not give it to me, unless, I revealed who I really was.

Yes, I am Hellman, I am Solo, I am Primathon, I am Nicodem, I am Eleusis,, I am You.

These are all characters I created for specific reasons.

What a crack up, really, to see all you guys run out your odd, slightly lame paranoid theories.
My god, if you only knew how stupid you all looked. (only the haters of course)

Dementia Huh?
Yet I can still remember a throw a way password 14 years, later.

Sadly I have an IQ over 130, hence why some of you guys could not grasp the what's and why's and the how's.

Jealousy, fuels alot of your comments, and an envy, that you guys could not do what I did, as no one has yet.

Everything I said was the truth,
The raid, the phone taps, but I was bound for a few months by law not to tell the whole story.

I ended up in a secret room in C***e St, with the crime commission, given exclusive powers which made me impervious to any crime, including murder, if I told them info.
I had no info, but took the oath, just for shits and giggles.

So Java, consider yourself lucky you cowering mexican fuck.
Or Should I say, Organikum's bitch.
And Hellman has a lot to answer for, but will deal with him later.

To create believable persona's, its important to appear as though your attacking yourself. Organikum was my bitch.
I had some pretty juicy info on him, which he made me promise not to tell.
Would have upset the Java/Organikum/Hellman Balance.

I don't think I ( java ) would have spoke to Org again, if I knew that earlier on.

Do you know who actually leaked the Hive Files to me?
Even after this Hellman connection?

It was Organikum.

He was upset with me, because I insulted one of his gay friends, that was a little sensitive, when he posted a bunch of useless crap.

May have been **** or someone like that... I am not sure.

So he was *** Bitch, and Java was Org's Bitch. And I was Hellman's Bitch.

Didn't you ever wonder why it was only Solo and Org, that started all this hostility.

A true believable story needs both a protagonist, and an antagonist.

I could barely understand Org's poor english, but fuck me, behind the scenes, he's an angry boy, let me assure you of that.

Opiate addict? Really?

I am not addicted to any drugs, and have the unique ability to set boundary, and avoid tolerance,
and addiction by administration of euphoria , on fortnight or monthly basis. You need strict rules, and it is possible.
Understanding this is possible should put a smile on many faces. Why go abstinence completely, when life is to be enjoyed richly on many perspectives.
And why abuse any drug, when it destroys happiness,. There is a balance, and it well hidden.

And I think this is where the future is. To take and enjoy drugs with the BS

Once a month you go hard on your choice of stimulant, exhaust it, then fire up the opiate receptors, then forget it for 4 weeks.
It is pure heaven, contained, and controlled.

This can be done, but is extremely hard to find much info on it.

I digress.

Outside of that everything is true,
I was Hellman, and a few other characters, still floating around.
And everything I did there had reason, which was sometimes not able to be understood by passers by, or ones of low intellect.
I even impersonated Eleusis, solely to flush him out, as I loved him so much. And missed him.

I just wanted to know for sure, that he was still not here.

Its only immature juveniles that don't understand, you need money to keep a forum alive, and at the time I was a student and my personality type was and still is Entrepreneur.
I mean Youtube, and it Pricing model, really messes with Solo's Head. I should know. java doesn't handle these things well..

Thankfully, I am successful now, I say that to the detractors, but also to those that want to take a risk, and really monetize your dream.
Look at labX for example. Its not a sin. Its just human behavior for us to hate, vilify and condemn, that which we don't have or don't understand that how to get.

Monkey logic. If you can't do it, get a few friends(loose term), that think the same way, and attack it till you destroy everything you love.
Which is what actually happened.

The haters started the genesis of the destruction of something beautiful...Their hatred, their words, they are all here.
Even My alter Ego Mexican geographically averaged lower IQ brain, could not see the empathy love and compassion.
So I shut it down, temporarily.

They saw red flags, when it was just the wrapping paper on someone trying to recapture something amazing....
Now 14 years later, nothing has changed, and there is no real outlet for REAL discussion.

Thanks Hellman/Java/Primathon (hehe)

Just beware of these vexatious people. There is always sadness or pain behind these words... Mexican Sadness, still counts.

Anyway, on with the story.

Did well at Uni, actually got High Distinctions for Org Chem, got approached by one of the associate professors, which was nice.
Started a Business painting houses (euphemism) , and some how managed to buy two houses, travel overseas a couple of times a year, and am about 6 months away from being close to a millionaire. Yes, money is important to me, Duh. I am rubbing this in for the detractors, but it is truth,monetizing your passion, is the key to surviving, in this fucked up world.

I used my love for chemistry as the Key to the door for my life, not unlike LabX

Look I was poor from 18 - 41, pulled my finger out, followed my passion, made some mistakes, and here I am. I am 50 now.
Living a good life now, happy etc.

This came from dedicated hard work, nothing more nothing less. No tricks,just follow what you love....
and not running around in circles trying to mono methylate my own ass farts like Solo/Java/primathon/hellman etc

I know the quixotic / idealistic argument about adds on the site, but save that shit for the Vegans, you soft cocks.

Frankly it just a bunch of sour puss's, pissed off that they didn't do it first. And that's fair enough..

I took the risk, and I got the reward, well, if $10 a day is a reward, you haters, are fuckin' loonies.

So you got this Hellman; this misunderstood cretin and java, the Mexican Fuckstik, and god knows who these others weirdos are, with their two cents.
Nicodem, hazbeen, and all the rest. Its schoolyard BS, and self serving to what end? To destroy a good place for people without restriction.

But all in all out of the 10,000 members, 4 or 5 bad eggs, is actually pretty impressive, in the greater scheme of things.
I can see this thread is all the loser, and me thinks I can legends.

I was the Do'er. Just remember that, when your hiding in your labs, scared of Big Brother, I wonder how many of you would actually have the balls to do what I did.
Even after getting busted by every law enforcement agency in Australia.?

And as the Admin, I saw alot of impressive pms, posts, from impressive real chemists.
and if you guys have not worked it out after 14 years. Let me give you the last gift is at the end..

I mean my ego's big enough, I really don't need any more inflation. But appreciate the steak dinner from Angry Boy , Org.
Dude, get on some SSRI's, for gods sake.

Why the names of all the Sites, well, I loved those sites, nothing sinister, and the total-synthesis things, my god you guys hang on to BS.
I think strike got that name from the literature, its a real word guys. And yes it was handy, and it helped the cause.

I loved Shulgin, I love synthesis and total synthesis, total synthesis also being the key term we all need to help us from scratch OTC ingredients.

But look, its easy to hate, and I was never a hater. Well, Syn was not, and either was Hellman, I did experiment with Java and Solo, but that never went anywhere...

That's right, despite what you all may have thought, I believed in the cause. I almost went to jail for it.
I took on all the risk, and to have these desk jockeys say, I was not in it for the right reasons, is just sad.

Its nice to see that the vespiary held the flame for a while, but you know what, all these haters including ORG,
never got their act together, and made a site.

What does that mean? besides vindication for me?
Well I think we all know what that means, and why I got the hate, which is OK.

I was never the angry one. Apparently it seems, I had an angel om my side, that took me away from all this trivial BS.

Well done to the creator of this Forum, He has kept a level head, and trust me its not easy, The king does get a heavy head.

So I think I have clarified the important things.

Site got raided, I was brought into the Crime Commission, and then after that, I did not give up...

I think that should let you know, the real me.
Yes, I am outspoken, I say what I think, but look, if you really knew me, you would think I am the sweetest guy out there,.
Its just my persona's your upset with...

Oh, Yes, the cops did infiltrate the website, I would get these strange msg's from members, who would have usernames of relatives, which was a bit spooky,
And after that spider sense, it all came crashing down.
They even pulled up this guys thread, when I was in the "room"
Im pretty sure, I got to see the name of the guy who had infiltrated it.

The old house, that I had just moved from, had a bug put in the phone, which my flat mate found, then 2 detectives harassed them about me, then another friend, was assaulted by them, (not the cops fault), this guy was Oppositional...

Yes, the Top cop told me about the surveillance, and what would happen if I did slip up,.Lets just say this guy was a few levels, below the commissioner.
And he was really angry, angry that they had nothing, and at the time, there were no laws to stop it.

I think they wasted 100's of thousand of dollars, with almost zero result. I raeally not sure what they wanted.

Perhaps they though I was like strike, and had an elaborate manufacturing fleet under me; definitely not the case.

Anyway, hen one night at my house, my neighbor caught a detective putting a sniffer, or poking a probe through my window.
And then the next morning at 7am about 15-20 Federal, State, and crime commission officers were knocking on my door.

They made complaints about the smell, haha.

I said why all this,?

And she answered, we wanted to know who you were.

"I said, you could have just picked up the phone)

I asked if I could film them, and they said no,
They took all the harddrives, search everything, missed a few things. ( not their fault, I am a good at diverting their attention)
One cop was looking under my bed, where there was 10g Of **** and I manged with use the force, and get her attention else where.

They told me, I could not talk to anyone, then I made a call, and tried to tell a friend, they knew, and rung me, and then told me about the surveillance, etc,.

I could not see a lawyer etc, under the act, and just had to appear.
To this day, the hard drives have never been returned.
Word to the wise, you cloud services in countries without treaties. and have mental blanks on remembering the password.

Anyway, It was all a farce, and they seemed to concentrate on documents from MSY PC parts company, I am assuming they thought it was some front.


Anyway, I got the secret talk, where I could admit any crime, and not be charged, in exchange for evidence.
I mentioned perhaps looking into Hellman, Java, and Org, (haha)
But they already knew all that, who I was, my other characters, etc.

I went home, and back to uni, and tried to start the forum again, but there were so many haters, I just gave up , along with the workload at Uni.
So, I guess its a karma thing, all these wankers actually caused the end of Synthetikal.

The facts are the facts.

It brought people back, good chemistry was discussed, and was ruined by a few.

I think there is a lesson somewhere here.

I think that is about it.

Just wanted to set the story straight, and my parting message is, as I said above.

Follow your passion, and try to monetize it, its not as evil as it sounds.

As your alternative is working a job you hate for the rest of your life.

Its only evil among social retards, and those who live in the shadows.

I am looking at you Hellman and your merry men.



[Edited on 30-11-2019 by synthetikal]

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[Edited on 30-11-2019 by synthetikal]


synthetikal - 30-11-2019 at 01:27

I can just imagine the increase in blood pressure on some of these legends.

Ahhhhhhhhhh (exhales)

Wow, now that was cathartic, beyond belief....

See you in 15 years.........

But you will never guess who some of the other characters really are here,
wait till you find out who Organikum really is......*

Oh, and I highly recommend the Mandalorian series.

Pure gold.

Syn/Hellman/Solo/Primathon/Nicodem Out!!!!!

Nicodem and Hellman are Gay, if no one already knew that....
I tried to subtlety give that air of excellence...
so IF I ask you for a meet and greet,
I would say no...
That is to say, I am gay, if you didn't already know.

Confusing isn't it...

But seriously, wait till you find out who organikum really is,
Your going to love it...

Friend of Rhodiums? Perhaps, work collegues?
Just don't ever give him your real name or address.

Sadly Java/Solo was never my best work, I just gave up half way through character development, so apologies about that....


Made my fucking day,..!!!

aldol/baeyer villiger.

think about it....
If you have to live that way, then this may serve you well....

Peace and love.

I am You.

[Edited on 30-11-2019 by synthetikal]

[Edited on 30-11-2019 by synthetikal]

j_sum1 - 30-11-2019 at 04:16

Anyone else similarly confused by this wall of text mindless dribble?

Most names mentioned are inactive. All events mentioned are asncient history post 2 and 3 of a 15 year account wasted on this. Most people with an actual IQ of 130 know how to communicate.

I don't want to be hasty or to come across as censoring. But is there any reason not to throw this straight into detritus?

synthetikal - 30-11-2019 at 05:25

I guess it depends how much you appreciate history, and the truth,.
And how much integrity you have...
Most people have not, and simply take cues from others, much as you have just done.

That is what intelligence is, since you seem to think you know..

But I am thinking, this may be above your pay-grade, princess.

Delete it if you want, but you will be held responsible, from those that will want to see what really happened.

And perhaps, in life, grow a pair, and don't follow the crowd,

Trust me, there is a better way....

Past your bedtime anyway.....

Remember, I can only respond to your hatred, and offensive post.

But I would rise above that, and let others know what happened, in the history of these sites.

This is my last post, delete it as you deem fit, but as your only an admin, I understand the power struggle you are under...

I am your father...

Corrosive Joeseph - 30-11-2019 at 06:22

Quote: Originally posted by j_sum1  
Anyone else similarly confused by this wall of text mindless dribble?

No. That's exactly what it is, ancient history. Leave it in please, it adds context.



j_sum1 - 30-11-2019 at 14:46

Quote: Originally posted by Corrosive Joeseph  
Quote: Originally posted by j_sum1  
Anyone else similarly confused by this wall of text mindless dribble?

No. That's exactly what it is, ancient history. Leave it in please, it adds context.



I was perplexed by the... Uh... verbiage. And also by the return of a 15 year old single post account. I was not in a hurry towade through pages of similar content to try to make sense of it.

That said, I don't appreciate the personal attacks and disparagement. Just not called for and not evidentially based. (@synthetikal).

@CJ. Thanks for the u2u. As you wish.

synthetikal - 30-11-2019 at 15:25

If you don't like the personal attacks and simply why make them?

I'm surprised you can't see this before making your post and making your reply it's just confirmation of exactly what I've been saying.

this is case in point of why are the forum failed.
And a spotlight on the arseholism that exists.

you will learn that despite popular belief that an eye for an eye is a great way to curb bad behavior.

I will need you to really think about that in depth...

Take care and don't be a bully, like the others....
I thought you were a smart guy.;)

[Edited on 30-11-2019 by synthetikal]

j_sum1 - 30-11-2019 at 15:48

I could have sworn you said your previos post would be your last.
As for the personal attacks, my point is clear enough and readers can see which direction they have been flowing.

By all means resurrect your historical discussion. I am persueded that it has some merit, which was what I was asking. But please do so without abusing newer members.

solo - 30-11-2019 at 16:29

.......after all this years you finally came out of your cave hellman, as always being your self center self... look forward to hear your next outbreak in 14/years,

AJKOER - 9-12-2019 at 08:05

A few words, I am a believer in total synthesis which drills down to OTC reagents. I also understand that such chemistry can be viewed, through the promulgation of knowledge, to impact the balance of power. This can result in push-back, especially from autocratic regimes, or even in democracies fearing the response of its more oppress minorities.

I also disdain 'simplified chemistry' promoted by some chemistry teachers and in the educational literature which, in certain countries with low standards required to teach science, is likely due to financial constraints. This has resulted, in my opinion, in false simplifications of the actual underlying science.

I do appreciate the willingness of this forum to entertain new ideas!

Herr Haber - 9-12-2019 at 08:20

Quote: Originally posted by synthetikal  

My god, if you only knew how stupid you all looked. (only the haters of course)
[Edited on 30-11-2019 by synthetikal]

Says the 130 IQ guy answering a 14 years old thread where the last message was posted 6 years ago !

Dang that was funny.

arkoma - 9-12-2019 at 17:26


glad you didn't detritus this, had never flashed on this thread and read it from the beginning. Interesting.

S.C. Wack - 9-12-2019 at 18:01

It's nice to see old names again. I miss leu, hope he's OK. Almost 9 months since Nicodem logged in.

Quote: Originally posted by Herr Haber  
Says the 130 IQ guy answering a 14 years old thread where the last message was posted 6 years ago !.

Maybe he just got out?

solo - 23-10-2021 at 07:13

.....Leu and wizard X Org and many others are still around they just don't post....solo

karlos³ - 23-10-2021 at 09:54

Quote: Originally posted by solo  
.....Leu and wizard X Org and many others are still around they just don't post....solo

I guess some of those people would post if they had seen this :o

I hadn't seen these ramblings of a madman until now, I guess I skipped them for my sanity.
But there is some pretty harsh stuff coming from his steak-sauced smeared mouth :o

Panache - 15-11-2021 at 20:56

It's all's pointless.....sad....delusional.....and what's with the whole 'I'm gay diatribe', why is sexuality Relevant?
There's still so much heat in the fire from the hive burning down it seems and many are ready to Toast their mrshmlows.
Finally anyone attempting to gain credibility by plucking some high IQ no out of some box would likely know that assessment of IQ is really only reliable around the mean and median, which is 100. High has are notoriously difficult to assess and of very limited worth

SWIM - 16-11-2021 at 11:25

This is your brain on drugs.

Get the picture?

This guy gives me an appetite for fried eggs.

monolithic - 16-11-2021 at 11:28

What ever happened to klute?

solo - 16-11-2021 at 11:36

....Last active: 13-6-2013 at 04:08 AM, .....he's been gone for a while, it wold be nice for him to ring in just to know he's ok and life is treating him well,...i liked him ....solo

karlos³ - 16-11-2021 at 14:44

Quote: Originally posted by SWIM  
This is your brain on drugs.

Get the picture?

This guy gives me an appetite for fried eggs.

You're not the only one...
But I prefer them, like his mind is too, scrambled :D

I am happy that he seems to be an exception(the "hellman"), unlike some of our other elder bees like those legends called "java" or "Organikum", but its good to know they still float around ;)
I hope they keep on floating :) *wink wink doublewink*

Regarding floating around, this here(he'll like it)

[Edited on 16-11-2021 by karlos³]

solo - 14-10-2022 at 18:10 it possible that he resurfaced as a chemical company...solo

arkoma - 14-10-2022 at 22:05

Interesting selection of reagents.......

crow6283 - 17-10-2022 at 09:13

Not the same guy.

[Edited on 17-10-2022 by crow6283]

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