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Should The_Gender_Changer be banned?

I am a fish - 16-3-2005 at 12:05

Reverend Necroticus Rex - 16-3-2005 at 12:52

I think The_Gender_Changer should be first sent a PM, from one of the senior admins, explaining what he/she/both could do to IF they were to decide to become a productive member.

If he/she/both made another one of those incoherent posts that read like they were posted by a dyslexic jellyfish, then TGC should really be banned, even though I had little room to talk, under a previous incarnation of mine, I made some quite badly thought out posts, although I did not have malicious intent, but TGC has overstepped the mark IMHO, I know of no other member that has been allowed to post complete crap like The_Gender_Changer does, save for Moonmonster, who was actually funny.

I am fairly surprised he made it past 5 posts before becoming vulture-fodder, crap posts are one thing, but TGC has spammed the U2U inboxes of at least one member I talk to, and that is what I would classify as malicious misconduct.

I say ban the bastard:mad:


I am just waiting for The_Gender_Changer to post one of his retarded replies in this thread, probably telling US to go get banned:P

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vulture - 16-3-2005 at 13:17

Aaaah rats! There goes our lenient reputation!

Besides, as of when do we discuss forum policy issues with the plebs? :P

Now they might think there is actually a shred of humanity in us!! :(

Besides, what are you people complaining about, it's me who has to go through all the hassle of moving/deleting his rubbish.

Mr. Wizard - 16-3-2005 at 15:59

I don't think TGC is a real person. I think it's a program designed to act like a person. This is not a flame, just an observation. Another member may be allowing it access to the board, and maybe monitoring it's progress. One of my previous posts to this effect was deleted. To the question at hand, yes. I have seen no intelligent concepts presented or conveyed, just word combinations.

Organikum - 16-3-2005 at 16:25

I think Reverend Necroticus Rex should be banned too.

Reverend Necroticus Rex - 16-3-2005 at 19:00

For what reason do you think I should be banned exactly?

I do not even post here that often, and I can't think of anything I have done to merit such treatment, at least, nothing malicious or deliberate, as TGC does. (assuming TGC is not a bot of some kind)

cyclonite4 - 16-3-2005 at 19:24

Is this ban TGC thread going to be official, unlike the last one?

I think a point in time has been reached when our leniency can no longer extend to the stupidity of TGC.

Twospoons - 16-3-2005 at 19:29

Much as I dislike slagging another member, TGC's gibberish posts do clutter threads rather annoyingly.

rift valley - 16-3-2005 at 19:31

So what's the deal, is TGC banned? I noticed he is now listed as an international hazard no longer displays a post count and has no user profile or signature...


Polverone - 16-3-2005 at 20:02

I thought things might have been getting better since I hadn't recently had to delete material by him, but that's because the other mods were doing the deletions. It is over now.

Pyrovus - 17-3-2005 at 01:37

Originally posted by Mr. Wizard
I don't think TGC is a real person. I think it's a program designed to act like a person. This is not a flame, just an observation. Another member may be allowing it access to the board, and maybe monitoring it's progress.

My thoughts exactly. Has anyone ever played around with one of those "AI chat" programs? The_Gender_Changer's responses look pretty similar to those generated by a computer. Here's a brief little example generated using a program called Billy 4.1:

DIMWIT> what is your name?
USER> Pyrovus
DIMWIT> where do you live?
USER> Australia
DIMWIT> stop copying my responses?
PYROVUS> I am not copying your responses
DIMWIT> you are am conscious? i ok then exist, - i started a mere computer!!!
PYROVUS> What are you blathering about?
DIMWIT> am way did i expect that to answer your question when rigged did way ask (-1)^.5!
PYROVUS> Please, please make some attempt to make sense.
DIMWIT> what's your favorite sport?
PYROVUS> Football.
DIMWIT> what's your favorite book?
PYROVUS> The Da Vinci Code
DIMWIT> if i had the da, i would cherish it!
PYROVUS> You really have no idea what I'm saying, do you?
DIMWIT> yes i do ok!!! rigged hello conscious!!!
PYROVUS> And you also have no concept of grammar.
DIMWIT> my mother used to tell me that.
PYROVUS> It is clear you did not listen.
DIMWIT> my mother used to tell me that!!!
PYROVUS> You also have very bad memory. I suppose your mother used to tell you that as well?
DIMWIT> i probably are not (i feel very sorry for me if me are . . .).
PYROVUS> Okay, you are starting to get annoying.
DIMWIT> how should i tell take that.
PYROVUS> I think this is a sufficient demonstration of your stupidity, Dimwit
DIMWIT> actually, my invisible friend has your stupidity.
PYROVUS> Need I say more?
DIMWIT> no you are not. you are conscious.

Hmmm . . . it does appear a little more intelligent than TGC.
But it makes you think: "The_Gender_Changer" - a person of indeterminate gender. And we all know computers don't have any gender!
So, perhaps we were being experimented on to test someone's AI program . . . or perhaps someone's AI program 'escaped', and was using this board in a (rather futile) attempt to understand human communication. And that is a terrifying thought. Imagine, 50 years in the future, when the machines are starting to take over the world . . . and their leader is none other than The_Gender_Changer! And his simple mind knows only one thing: revenge against those humans who shunned him for being an idiot! Will the sciencemadness community triumph over The_Gender_Changer's terrifying psychotic killer robot army of doom, and save humanity from certain destruction, or will The_Gender_Changer succeed in his goal of creating an Earth filled entirely with life forms incapable of uttering a coherent sentence?

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Guess whos back....

Reverend Necroticus Rex - 17-3-2005 at 09:55

Back again...

And for some reason, it's profile displayes the statistic of having around 10% of posts, when only the above, single post has been made.

tom haggen - 17-3-2005 at 12:36

You guys are funny.:P

cyclonite4 - 17-3-2005 at 17:09

TGC? back? :o

The pain..... :(