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aldol - 25-3-2005 at 01:57

hi can some one tell me why i log on to this board and the same members are logged in at the same tjme
ever day i get on and the same three member are logged in
can any one tell me why ? Seems weird to me almost sus!

cyclonite4 - 25-3-2005 at 03:42

Maybe it's because several people will always be on at the same time as you? Same country maybe? :)

EDIT: You idiot. You posted the same thing twice under two different topic names. Vulture doesn't look upon that nicely.

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Organikum - 25-3-2005 at 04:39

It´s a conspiracy, a trap, what else did you think?


chemoleo - 25-3-2005 at 07:11


Ok, got that one out of the way.

To answer your question - it's the DEA of course following your endeavours - whatelse could it be? Check your window, do you see that black car waiting down the street? They just saw you logging in, and then, quite unconspicously, they logged on themselves, for this is the only way for them to find out what you are doing :D:D

BromicAcid - 25-3-2005 at 07:12

Which two members?

login sus

aldol - 25-3-2005 at 12:33

nicodem,mickhael ,mephistosminion
again today
by the way there is no black car at my place i am a good boy these days
and i am not parinoid ,
got over that years ago .!
there welcome to come to my place anytime
sory about the double post i thought the firt on was not subbmitted
my system has a removerable hard drive
you no what happens to them when you put them into the microwave

Organikum - 26-3-2005 at 08:07

You just have to look some of the moderators/administrators names here!

chemoleo: Thats chemo- Law- Enforcement- Officer !
vulture: Now THATS obvious!
And Polverone is the wellknown overlord of the black helicopters department South-Albania.

No problem.
I know this for sure because Osama warned me! But I fixed a small nuclear warhead to my softdrive so nothing will ever happen to me!

/ORG ;)

vulture - 27-3-2005 at 00:37

What the hell are you worried about? Your posts are incomprehensible, so no evidence out of those.


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Mickhael - 27-3-2005 at 16:08

Myself and mephistosminion happen to be on the computer alot at home and work....and we do not bother to log out most of the time...hence the staying logged into the website for extended that was a simple answer to that wouldn't you say?