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H2O2 storage stability

cyclonite4 - 25-4-2005 at 22:43

I've been looking around for sources of concentrated H2O2, and have found a source that anonymously (via mail order) sells 50% peroxide for hydroponics (it's called "oxyplus";). They charge $20 for 500mL (:o), or $90 for 5L. Obviously the latter is better value for money. (someone tell me if I am getting majorly ripped here, keep in mind its in australian dollars).

I would gladly buy the 5L, however, I'm thinking about decomposition. It would take me quite a while to go through 5L of 50% H2O2, and I'm worrying about it decomposing. Does anyone know roughly how long it would last (natrually it's temperature dependent, so I might store it in a fridge)?

Twospoons - 25-4-2005 at 23:36

$90 :o
You do know that Bacquacil "Shock" is 30% H2O2? I got 5l of that for NZ$28 at my local chemist. Its the shock treatment for the Bacquacil pool treatment system.

The lid had a porous membrane in the top so I guess the stuff must decompose at sufficient speed for container pressurization to be a problem.

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runlabrun - 25-4-2005 at 23:41

Fridge yes. Freezer no.


sparkgap - 26-4-2005 at 00:13

Just keep your peroxide away from radiation sources (sun, bright lights), extreme heat, and such; the stuff should then last you about a year and a half, or more. :)

sparky (^_^)

cyclonite4 - 26-4-2005 at 02:47

Thanks for the help guys.

Twospoons, I have found before a 35% peroxide mix, called 'spa shock' or similar, but peroxide was not the only ingredient in the mix. I will ring around however and see what I can get. Thanks.

EDIT: I did a google search on baquacil and found this from The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) website:
(Information at the bottom of the page). It's called "baquashock", and the website states two other products with H2O2 as the active constituent.

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Silentnite - 26-4-2005 at 11:00

I found mine at Health Food stores. Its used in washing vegetables, and as a cleansing agent. 30-35% and it can be had in a various assortment of sizes.

tom haggen - 26-4-2005 at 16:17

I got mine at the local hydro store for 20$ a gallon @ 35%. Thats 3 liters and some change for you non-americans.

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Darkblade48 - 26-4-2005 at 22:18

Originally posted by tom haggen
I got mine at the local hydro store for 20$ a gallon @ 35%. Thats 3 liters and some change for you none americans.

Wow, my local hydro store sells 500 mL of 35% H2O2 for $15 (Canadian). Sheesh.