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prepared black powder

Ozon - 29-5-2005 at 12:53

Hi, some time ago I made some gunpowder, you know, the verry easy KNO3 - S - C mix...

But it wasn't such a great thing i got, it just fizzles like some little firework...

i read somewhere some techniques to make it better, like synthsise it or something like that... but i lost the page...

could somebody of you guys maybe give me a decent explenation or a URL of a good site??

thanks anyway!!:)

kclo4 - 29-5-2005 at 12:59

this is not a pyrotechnic forum

take a 75%kno3 15% C and 10% S and put it in a coffee grinder
it works pretty well

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MattEx - 30-5-2005 at 02:22

Not too good an idea - some (very small amount) will get into the motor of the grinder. One day, unexpectedly, it'll ignite.
So if you practice grinding pyrotechnic mixtures in grinders often, there will be a large buildup. Or, the ignition will happen when you are grinding more of the same composition. If it was BP for example, you will get the grinder exploding, and your hands will be burned from the jet of flame that will result.

kclo4 - 30-5-2005 at 09:33

Well I have a ball mill now but I used the grinder for a year and nothing happened but this all depends on the design