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founding a Ltd

maxhd2 - 1-6-2005 at 08:39

many supplier deliver their stuff only to companies so why not founding a own company. but this is expensive in my country you have to pay the bussines chamber although they are useless.

but founding a Ltd should be cheap, it is good for founding letterbox copmpanies with seat in england .
when i used google i found only expensive providers.
how can i found a ltd on my own?

Silentnite - 1-6-2005 at 19:01

What exactly is an Ltd?

I have a business license that I applied for which copyrighted my business name, and I'm applying for a federal tax number. Total cost should be less then $50USD. But then I'm planning on running an actual business. Beyond that, it gets too "legal-eeze" for me. I assume that your not talking about incorporating, as that is a tax nightmare if you don't keep track of it.

chloric1 - 2-6-2005 at 03:42

Silentnite,if you don't mind me asking, what type of business are you starting?

Silentnite - 2-6-2005 at 04:22

I do kinda mind, but disregarding that, its in the field of Computer Science. I've had the business for a while, I just felt like making it legal. It will be branching out as I am starting to become an investor as well.

unionised - 4-6-2005 at 07:52

Ltd. is an abreviation for limited, as in limited liability company.
Here's some more stuff

GreatHampton - 6-6-2005 at 14:16

Geezer, if you look round, you can buy a shelf company with articles of mem. for around 50 quid. Google and find providers - there are loads of them.

Beatnik - 12-6-2005 at 03:42

You would then have to comply with everything from licenses to storage standards. I hear the penalties for improper storage of things as simple as HCl can result in huge fines.